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  • Beauti-Control - skincare & makeup

    Hey guys there's this American brand of skincare and makeup called Beauti-Control. Apparently Tupperware bought over it and Singapore and Malaysia are the only Asian distributors.

    My cousin's friend who is working as a dealer showed me the catalogue. It's very enticing with skin care products tailored for skin types and a wide range of products at decent prices.

    My net pal from USA said that it's a rather established brand in the states but she haven't bought any.

    So what do you guys think? Should I give the products a go lol?

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    I feel that most of the star products are more for mature skin. There is one moisturiser with retinol or something in it. One pump on my hand and my skin feels itchy already. Definately not for sensitive skin.

    If your skin takes well to normal over the counter products then perhaps you can try it

    I like the hand moisturiser though


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      My sis-in-law loves the lip balm and mask (for lip exfoliation) but I don't think she uses the full set of skin care.
      You may be able to try or get some samples from the dealers/ tupperware sellers...


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        Yeah, I think I may give it a try.My cousin has just signed up to be a dealer and has enlisted my help in giving out free catalogues.

        Though she is my cuz, I won't help her till I try the products myself

        Wouldn't want to recommend you guys inferior products


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          Oh I didn't know the existence of this brand until my colleague's sis passed us the Tupperware catelogue. Between this and Mary Kay, I'd trust the latter more although I've never tried the former


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            Guess many,including teens like my cousin are becoming Tupperware and Beauti-Control dealers nowadays

            Anyway, she ust passed me a free sample-the Extreme Repair Hand Cream. Haven't tried the product yet.


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              There are huge raves over their lip balm care product in MUA. Maybe you can try that and let us know.


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                Hi one and all,

                I've tried Extreme Repair Hand Cream. And it works really,really well!. My skin is extremey dry like sand and I woke up this morning with great hands.

                I've decided to order LipAPeel,the cleanser,toner,moisturiser for oily skin and a few lipsticks.

                Cause of the promotion going on, if I buy 2 lipsticks,I get one free.

                Not too sure if this is advertising or not but my cuz wants to know if anyone of you is interested in getting her free catalogues.

                Cheers people! I'm a happy,happy person


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                  I've also ordered the eyeshadows coz I get one eye pencil free. i love the promos and plan to take advantage of em before it ends on the 14th lol.

                  I feel like placing orders for the foundation also but there's a huge hole in my pocket already


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                    Hey guys my products have arrived and i'm immensely pleased with em! Everything works swell.