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Livvy.... Different shades of pastels

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  • Livvy.... Different shades of pastels

    Sick of smokey look... these few days has been light colours for me.. love them too... Here are my pinks, blue( hohoho, I actually use blue) and green( how can I forget this colour lol )

    PS: Dun mind my white patch... alergy cream... my face is prone to alergy

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    Heiiii..... Finally get to see your face again! How's life in Singapore now?
    And nice blush!! Never thought Etude blush would look that good!


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      Pretty! That S1 is a single color right?

      Would u comment about the foundation stick? Which shade r u using?


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        U look very pretty! heh..I like your hair


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          hi neko, you look gorgeous and have great cheekbones!

          your picture makes me want to get brill now lol


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            wow! I am impressed with your nice cheekbones Really nice FOTD


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              very nice ! can we have close up of your eye make-up ?? thanks !


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                pretty FOTD. your skin is flawless.

                is the maybeline liquid eyeliner good compared to others that you might have tried? TIA.


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                  hey girl!!! you look very very different from the old FOTDs u posted!!



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                    Gorgeous as usual, hun You do have such lovely features


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                      LIVIA!!! I miss you so much! How's work? Looking gorgeous!


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                        Hi hi all of you!!!!

                        Oh my, so many replies ^^
                        Seba, I finally found a job here as a fund accountant?K no more relaxing time as I used to have in Indo ;p but its fun tho?K Yupz, ETUDE is apparently good and I bought it for only S$8 in Johor Bahru, cheap and lasting!!! I have seen you for so long that your baby is 1 mth old already!!! Must be fun to have a cute baby ard ^^

                        Jemay, S1 is the duo lip gloss thing that I got from the National day pack. I used the clear gloss side. I love KP gloss effect esp the single ones they used to have, too bad they don??t carry anymore. I like the foundation stick as concealer, its thick and yellow base so it blends wth my skin and it turn powdery when applied. Has never tried it on the whole face tho ;p

                        Ange, thanks nah!! My hair was wet then, it??s not as curly when dry tho

                        Piyo, Brill is really a nice colour, do get it! Hee, I??m so bad ;p this time I applied the colours using my fingers after getting inspiration by Stella ^^

                        j0s1e267, will try to do that next time nah?Kby that time you all might see how patchy my application is hehehe?K

                        michannat, My skin is sadly not as smooth as seen ;p I tried Kanebo and Kose before, Kanebo smudge badly ??, Kose is v lasting but $46 is waaaaaaaaaayyy to ex for me?K Maybelline is good and cheap ^^ and it last! I??m lemming Fasio one next time, any others to recommend? I cant survive without eyeliner and I use it everyday ??

                        Fantasia, Smokey eyes, chocolatemousse?Kthanks so much for the compliments


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                          Life's been superb with my baby girl now!! Luckily we got babysitter here, so mommy can still browse the net hehe...

                          Hey, I just realised that the Etude you used as a blush is an eyeshadow? Hmm, I have to check it out! And what's the shade name for the Dior lippy? And you have to do a breakdown on how to do the eye makeup!! :note:


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                            Hello Kiera, decided to answer yoour question here hope you don't mind . I used the loose powder wth a puff not brush... just to mattify the shiny parts. The result is quite good but nothing beats using a brush tho, more natural looking. I don't use the foundation for the whole face cos Ipsa Protect tend to be a bit drying, just on my eyes, forehead( my forehead is always darker ), and the post pimple marks...

                            Seba, yupz the blush is actually an eye looks so pink so I just use it as blusher the Dior lippy is the glittery type, but i got it together as a set so it might be a ltd edition, can check it out

                            Eye make: Eclat on the brow bone
                            Brill on the whole eye except brow bone
                            Hypnotique eyelid and just above eyelid( I'm using
                            Draw thick line of Blooz on the eyelid
                            Use a small brush to paint Hypnotique on the
                            eyelid over Blooz
                            Draw Hypnotique on the lower eyes using the MAC
                            brush 366( the slanted brush)
                            Eyeliner and Mascara


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                              Outing wth fellows Cosy girls on Friday...

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