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    Just went for a launch of the new skincare of By Terry, courtesy of a friend The launch is also combined with the launch of new colors.

    Singapore is the first country in Asia to launch the skincare and colors, followed by Malaysia and then Hong Kong.

    Skincare is already in Singapore but will only be launched in December. Bottles are ocean blue with green screw caps.

    There is no information on any websites as yet and I can only remember the active ingredients is actocyans from flowers' pigments. They called it the "Purplyn System". Oops, fournd the main website. If anyone can read french, this is their new skincare. (Click on the main pictures and you will see the new skincare after a while)

    There will be 2 cleansers, a cream and a gel.
    1 toner, 3 serums (detox, purify and contour), 2 moisturiser (a cream with spf 10 and a lotion), 2 masks (a exfoliating and a clarifying??) and 5 new foundation shades from a anti-aging line

    Prices for skincare range from $110 to $290
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    Re: By Terry Skincare

    Sounds interesting! Thanks for the tip, teiko!

    But a cleanser costing $110 or more seems rather overboard, in my humble opinion, and with my meagre skincare allowance.


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      True But we'll see if the price tag will mean a difference to our skincare


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        The skincare has already been launched at Escentials Tangs already


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          anyone tried their lip balm?how is it?
          i think im crazing for many lipbalms now...


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            So which are the most popular products of By Terry's? Any one tried any of their products?!


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              A youtube guru I watch, lollipop26 has used some of their skincare range and found it unimpressive. At those prices, I would expect a glowing review before I take the plunge.


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                does anyone know where sells By Terry products other than Tangs & Sephora?