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  • What kind of CP?

    I started swapping at different websites not too long ago. And there were a few times when nothing on their swap list catch my attention so i thought of asking them to do a CP. but i have no idea what i want them to buy! i wana ask you guys to do a recommendation.. Like what would u get for a CP if that person is like e.g. from US? brands that we dont have here? or brands that are cheaper here? which kind of product?

    kindly enlighten me yea? =)

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    Definitely get brands that are not avail in Singapore! You can look at Sephora or websites for some ideas. Or if you like candies/chocs, get them too as an extras maybe? HTH!!


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      yeap.. i second what seba said.. get the brands that are not available here like Smashbox( love their primer), Cargo( nice blushes), Demeter (famous for their PMUs) etc

      Or you can choose brand much cheaper over there like Tony & Tina and NARS !


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        if u are crazy over makeup like a lot of us do, i'm sure you'll have plenty of lemming fr sephora website or visit mua to read product reviews on what's good!

        Or best solution is to read up our forum, under cozycosmetics, a lot of lemmings are borned here. Since we are all asian girls, no deep set eyes or colored eyes to speak of and we're living in this hot humid island, a review fr us girls will be deemed more accurate. So it will be a good judge to what you're planning on getting.


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          Way TOO MANY! Just makeup or skincare? High-end or drugstore?

          Shall we list by alphabet?

          Alchemy (no more soon? not super sure)
          Bath & Body Works
          Bare Escentuals
          Ben Nye
          Club Monaco
          Cover Girl
          Delux Beauty
          Giorgio Armani
          Hard Candy
          Inoui ID
          Kevyn Aucoin
          Linda Cantello
          Max Factor
          Paula Dorf
          Philosophy (some stuff available here, I think)
          Rocket City
          Stephane Marais
          Sonia Kashuk
          Sue Devitt
          Too Faced
          Urban Decay
          Vincent Longo

          Check out Product Reviews on MUA get an idea how popular the different products are. Good luck!
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            wow thank you!! that's a whole long list!!
            i love makeups but i dont know much abt brands coz i am those that once i use this, i will stick with it. Dont dare to explore too much coz i dont know much. learning in process! so in those that are listed, there arent any drug store brands, are they?


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              oh yea forget to add, i tried searching for Garden botanika here but there isnt any on it. I went to their website to check and it seems good. Is it??

              how much does a good brand usually cost and how much does a drug store brand usually cost? for e.g. their foundation?


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                i've read huge raves on Garden Botanika on MUA, esp their skincare products for acne prone skintype.

                U can click on the link above, the various prices are listed in there. =)


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                  BlueAriel, I did include a handful of drugstore brands in the list, and have since added a coupla more.

                  Maybe you can try Walgreens webbie to view the products available in most US drugstores. I used to purchase online from many years ago.

                  I remember someone already started a thread on the brands that aren't available in Singapore. Found it: You can't even find most Japanese cosmetics here!