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Ergo Soy Candles?

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  • Ergo Soy Candles?

    Any reviews on this brand of candles from

    The company that brought Paula's Choice to SG has started to sell them.

    These are the scents avaliable:

    1. Lavender Patchouli ? be caressed by the softest and most relaxing lavender

    2. Monkey Grass ? clear the air with this green blend of lemongrass, cedar, and vetiver

    3. May Flowers ? be romanced by bouquet of white peonies, lilac, lily of the valley

    4. Pear Vanilla ? let warm comforting vanilla with a dash of tart fruit whet your appetite

    5. Hawaiian Jasmine ? be seduced by tropical jasmine at its heady best

    6. Orange Blossom ? if you love neroli, you will love this classic scent

    7. Currant Calyx ? unusual blackcurrant on a bed of fresh flowers

    All candles are priced at $48, can burn for 50 hours.

    I have not burned any candles for a long time and still have some SSC ones left. Sort of lost interest but these sound good.

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    Ooh these sound nice! I like lavender patchouli, may flowers, orange blossom and currant calyx...but don't SSC's last longer and are cheaper too?


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      Where can I buy these candles?


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        Hi momopeach, the email i got says "For more information on Ergo Candles or Paula?s Choice skincare, please call tel: 9068 3333"


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          Thanks Amanda!


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            You can email [email protected] to order. If you are calling, I think the owner is Esther Tan.

            I am not a fan of Paula's Choice skincare but bought brushes from the Aussie website before so when Esther got the rights to sell PC here, I was on her mailing list.

            Maybe you can email her and ask her to add you to the mailing list. There are some promos now and then.

            For the Ergo candles, there's 10% off until 15 Dec. Delivery is free for orders above S$60.



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              Thank you too echo_nym


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                I had a sniff at the Holistic Fest. They were burning a few, but I thought the throw rather weak.


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                  I wonder if soy candles geneerally have a weaker scent throw? :huh:


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                    absolute rave for Er'go Candles!

                    I'm absolutely a big fan of Er'go Candles, not only they are all natural soy wax w/ cotton wicks (burns more cleanly so you won't have candle marks/wax marks on the wall, if you burn candles regularly as I do), but the throw is incredible!! I bought their travel candle and it amazes me how much throw that I can get from such a small candle.

                    Their scents are very creative, here are some of my favorites:

                    Vanilla Pear: absolutely delicious. Think of baked pear clafouti, it's that juicy pear with vanilla undertone.

                    Currant Calyx: very fresh. Flowery and fruity at the same time. Mostly currant tones, pomegranate, and a burst of fresh floral

                    Vanilla Nutmeg: if you like vanilla, this is very nice as well, somewhat spicy, smells almost like spiced cookie

                    100% cotton: that fresh-out of the laundry smell, clean, great for the bathroom

                    Monkey Grass: very green & grassy, if you like freshly cut greens this is a good one.

                    Tangerine (from the spa line): tangy fresh tangerine, not sweet like the fruit, but more sharp citrus. Good for the kitchen.

                    Pink Grapefruit: this one is tangy and sweet, almost like orange candy.

                    Let me know if I can help with other scents. I live only an hour away from their corporate outlet here in U.S. They're also out with the new Library/Garden collection. I haven't take a look at them yet but I can imagine the quality is as superb. :wave:


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                      Ergo is good stuff Have tried their Monkey Grass and Currant Calyx.

                      Monkey Grass is a very unusual scent. Like a mixture of grass and pear. Can't put a decent description to it.

                      Currant Calyx like its name suggest is very blackcurrants!

                      I beg to defer about the scent throw. I usually burn candles to take away the ciggarette smoke smell in my room. Ergo candles scented my room nicely.

                      ErgoSpectrum scents are very complex and definitely not your usual single-scent note.

                      They burn well and a nice change from all the foodie scents (imo yucks)


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                        Originally posted by echo_nym
                        For the Ergo candles, there's 10% off until 15 Dec. Delivery is free for orders above S$60.

                        is there anyone who would like to share so we can have a free delivery?
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