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Where to get pure Almond/ Shea oil?

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  • Where to get pure Almond/ Shea oil?

    hi all..
    thinking of using them on my extremely dry and scaly legs..are they good? better than olive?
    where to get them anyone knows?

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    my mom is using Almond oil from TBS on her very dry and chapped hands, and she says its good. you might wanna try the tester the next time you drop by TBS?


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      how much is it, do u have any idea? im afraid they are just almond fragranced oil..
      nevertheless, thanks! i will check it out when i pass by tbs!

      oh ya i recall someone posting that a pharmacy in far east square does sell these oils for $3+..where exactly is that? anyone knows?
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        umm.. my mom bought hers from M'sia for ard RM32. my guess is that its prob $16.90 or so. I just checked the description. Apparently it includes shea butter and beeswax too. and well my mom really likes it, cos her hands used to crack a lot (I inherited that on my feet!! ughhs! ) but she just used them to "caress" me and well they're much smoother i must say.


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          that looks cute! is that oil edible?
          hehe what other purposes are there for this oil caramelgirl?
          do they have other oil as well?
          does this almond oil absorbs into the skin well?

          sorry for bombarding u..thanks!!!


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            thanks sweetie! that was very nice of u! i think i shall check out if the stores in my area do sell if not then i try to go to far east square..
            thanks alot!


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              or u can call up either of the Essentials pharmacy no. above, cos there's only 2 nos. featured in the green book. Ask the SA where else they have branches. HTHs!


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                wowee i didn't know you could just apply almond oil on your skin! seems a little oily like that right? dewy, the almond oil that i told you about is actually a cream for dry skin.. not the oil.. so sorry for the mix-up!


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                  ah thank u girls..
                  hmm i thought of applying it to my scaly legs and hands at legs are sometimes sooooo dry until they hurts..
                  my fingers will starts to peel..very very painful

                  this almond oil sounds cheap thats y i thought of trying..oily or not i not too sure..

                  caramelgirl, sorry to trouble u again, do u find it absorbs well into your skin? or it leaves a stain?



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                    so sorry, i only tried almond oil on my lashes. Cos i don't have dry skin problem, my skin is like an oil field esp my face. LoL!

                    For really dry, dehydrated skin, i'll recommend shea butter actually. U can find it fr L'Occitane. Google for shea butter for more info, I've read it's also known as "woman's gold", aka, something like a miracle product.


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                      dewy, I've got the same problem as you on my feet. my heels crack (inherited from mom as i said).. and I've got the problem of scaly legs too.. I haven't tried my mom's cream although yea price is one problem.. she only applies it on her hands so I guess its not as bad.. maybe I might try this almond oil if its good too... just worried about it remaining oily on the skin.. then how am i gonna go to bed?? :huh:


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                        oh i have tried before that brand..kinda ex hee to be used all over the legs. i only used it on the lips and ya it is pretty good..
                        guess i still on the lookout for a suitable product..

                        sheez now that i know almond oil can be used for culinary, makes me think twice if i want to use it on my legs. its like using cooking oil or soyabean oil on my skin. lol


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                          actually, there's a body moisturizer that is pretty good for very dry skin. My relative who is a nurse recommend it to me, she said it's even being used in the hospital. But i can't remember the name on hand now, only remember the packaging which comes in a grey box, with yellow words. I bought it for my bf overseas, he swear by it to survive the harsh weather during winter.

                          This cream is sold in pharmacies, as well as those shops in people's park.

                          I'll try to check out the name and update u girls.

                          Besides, this product is more price-friendly, should be less than $20 a tube.


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                            thanks Caramel!


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                              hi saphiration
                              hey yaya i also inherited this problem from my mum. her legs are scaly now like snake leather (so bad) . i foresee myself having that if i dont take care now.

                              problem is i only apply once at night so i really need something very very rich..those ginvera, nivea wont work for me. ya and most be economical cause most probably i will be applying lots.

                              when i went for jamu massage the lady was also shocked at the amount of oil she had to used for my body hee.

                              actually i find johnson baby lotion not that and can afford to slather on lots. get the pink or green one as they are richer. watsons brand not so rich..

                              hee i thought i was the only one..perhaps when i have the chance to try the almond oil i will let u know the results

                              hi caramelgirl
                              thanks tomorrow i think i shall shop around watsons or guardians for these stuff..watsons having 20% off certain cosmetics brands eh? *wink*