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    new from victoria's secret... this looks cute, especially the tiny lip gloss attached to the corner of the tube

    <b>scented shimmer lotion with lip gloss</b> (click image for link)

    - crazygirl
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    That looks interesting. I have Heavenly EDT and I love it. I wonder how is the texture of the lip gloss....Wish we have VS here.


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      Victoria Secret Lotion

      can we get it online cos my friend brought from US and it smell so niceee... and which is good?


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        yes you can get them online. better to get a few friends to order because it's cheaper if you buy 3 or 5 IIRC (the exact price & number of bottle's on the website ) and you can mix the scents & formula (lotion, shower gel, body cream etc)

        i love lovespell (rather complex to my nose, but definitely fruity) & blissful moments (smells of blueberries & i think it's discontinued cause i can't seem to find it on the catalogue)



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          Hey, I love Love Spell too.

          Like their body spray so much that I just got my colleague to buy 5 bottles of diff smell from US recently.

          I think Romantic Wish is nice too..


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            ya.. my friedn bought me love spell too.... i wonder is other smell nice too?


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              I am using Pear Glaze. Smells yummy!


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                i love their love spell and sweet temptation body lotion.


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                  Never tried their shower gel before. But this is what I have from VS:

                  *Enchanted Apple Body Splash - Staying power is not that great, but smells sweet just a juicy red apple, but not sickeningly sweet though. This is my staying-at-home scent. I just spray it every now and then when I am at home. lol.

                  *Enchanted Apple Body Lotion

                  *a large-sized sample of Exotic Embrace Body Lotion - Not sure how to descieb this, but it is a very feminine scent and strong on the floral, and alittle sweet. Love it! But this is discontinued scent.

                  They all smell


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                    i've got Lovespell lotion and body wash. used to like it a lot, but got sick of it and switched over to my other BBW stuff.

                    another scent i liked is Strawberries & Champagne.

                    the Amber-something scent is either you like it or you dont


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                      I've tried a whole lot of them but only like Blissful Moment, a sweet blueberry scent.


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                        Enchanted Apple has been discontinued That was my staple then.

                        I think Strawberries & Champagne is nice.


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                          My fave is Vanilla Lace Body Cream.... very comforting scent for me and not oily on my skin.

                          And my favourite body splash has got to be Strawberry and Champange. I stocked up 4 bottles at a go.


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                            I love VS Endless Love, Love Spell & Blissful Moment... Too bad the last one is discontinued before i can stock

                            Don't really like the scent of Vanilla Lace and Strawberry & Champagne... :shout: Those who are interested in Vanilla Lace, i am selling it @ CozyXchange


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                              im reviving this thread haha, i want to know where can i buy this in singapore!! i bought it frm changi dfs few days ago when i went overseas, was wondering other than the airport,where else can i get this and also know the price for the body lotions,creams and mist! thanks!