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    Items all at $3.00 from Guardian Pharmacy. Last time CK Dept Store (Chinatown branch) selling them for $2 each only, now not too sure if they are still avail there.

    I have got 2 anti-cellulite items, 2 blackhead remover (@for face & body). & also a Goat Milk from HydraMilk.

    Visit to see full range of products.

    Hi Creayu, i know u are a fan, u still using Skinfood?

    So cheap can try try.
    $3 a shot, if buy wrongly also not vy heartpain rite?

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    interesting..their body foam good? i cant seem to find it at guardian today..


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      Err... most bigger outlets do have them. But not full range. Hougang (outside Kovan Heartland) has good range. They even carry fragrance, knock-offs of designer ones.

      Shower foam i am not too sure, but the qty is relatively ok for 3bucks.


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        The Super Gel Blackhead Remover works kinder on skin (as compared Biotherm Spot Eraser & Mrvel Gel). No dragging & hard rubbing required.


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          Update :
          Just tried The Whitening Range Cleanser & Mask!
          Cleanses well & gives Silky finish.
          Mask is creamy & non-greasy when rinsing off.

          3bucks each is cheap.


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            New outlet open in Marina Sq! #01-220. No item more then $25 anyone has raves for the products there?


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              ashlee you're refering to another brand also called Skin Food but is from korea. All the products in this brand are priced at $3. hths


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                Vernis, is yours the Cellulite Defense Lotion?
                Does it work?


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                  Originally posted by laeticia521
                  ashlee you're refering to another brand also called Skin Food but is from korea. All the products in this brand are priced at $3. hths
                  Opps I thought it was the same.


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                    I bought their masks when i was in Taiwan and i like them . .


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                      i finally found the shop at marina sq........their products has very nice packaging..i love it.........
                      anyone tried their body cream?
                      i wonder if their body cream is good..........they even have a apple flavour one ! sound like buying fruit juices...


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                        Hi hi,

                        i just came back from KL. The prices of Skinfood has increased to RM 6.

                        I managed to buy 3 sets of the skincare from one of the small Pharmacy in Desa Hartamas (Near P.J)

                        1) Skinfood Age Defense (Orange) range (RM 30):-

                        - Silky Cleansing Cream
                        - Enzyme Facial Scrub
                        - Rinse-off Facial Mask
                        - Soothing & Conditioning Toner
                        - 24hrs Moisturizer
                        - 2 pcs of sheet mask
                        - Bathing loofah

                        2) Skinfood Double Whitening (Light Green) Range (RM 30):-

                        - Cleansing Cream
                        - Facial Scrub
                        - Rinse-off Gel Mask
                        - Toning Lotion
                        - 24hrs cream
                        -2 pcs of sheet mask
                        -Bathing Loofah

                        3) Skinfood Triple Firming (Green) range (RM30):-

                        - Foaming Facial Cleanser
                        - Oxygen Facial Scrub
                        - Oxygen Clay mask
                        - Herbal Balancing Toning Lotion
                        - 24 hrs cream
                        - 2 pcs of sheet mask
                        - Bathing Loofah.

                        4) Acne Moderator Sheet mask x 2 pkts (Each pack 2 mask)

                        5) Zen Natural Essential Oil of Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser ($6)

                        6) Triple Firming & Age Defense eye treatment gel

                        I bought all the 3 sets, the SA at the Pharmacy was shocked by me, thinking i am **** buy so many stuff.

                        I saw the Acne range for serious case one, i didn't buy cos i worried it maybe too drying for me.

                        Skinfood has more range in Malaysia, and RM 6 is much cheaper than Singapore.

                        I am using the Age defense (Orange) range now, cos the Mfg date is 2004, which means it will expire in 2007.

                        - Cleanser: I will say it is good for that price. Although it is cream base, but not oily at all. It can be rinse off easily

                        - Enzyme Scrub: It is very good, very gentle and effective, my hubby love this too

                        - Mask - Quite good, not drying or oily at all. Very nice.

                        - Toner - Very gentle, love the orange smell

                        - Moisturizer - Not too heavy, yet hydrating enough for me

                        On the whole this brand is good value for $$$$



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                          How much cheaper is Skin food in TW?


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                            heard the oxygen clay mask is quite good.
                            i m quite tempted to get it.
                            can anyone tell me which guardian can i get it? how big is the collection? is it easy to identify?


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                              the coffee body scrub is good