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Advice needed: Skincare on a 21-day trip overseas?!

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  • Advice needed: Skincare on a 21-day trip overseas?!

    I just put a post on the cosmetics board that is similar to this one, but this is all geared towards skincare! Skincare is going to be the one that is hard for me to manage! Since I'll be away for almost a month... I think I'll be too scared to leave without taking my whole closet of skincare items!

    I have a lot of sensitivities, otherwise, I'd be willing to go overseas, and just buy things there. Also, the airplane rides always do terrible things to my skin---> my eczema becomes uncontrollable afterwards, so I have to be really aggressive. Do you think it's a stupid idea if I put on masks on the airplane ride? I mean, like the paper masks? Will I scare all the passengers? But that might save me some trouble? Or am I crazy?

    Also, I could transfer some of my skincare into travel size jars, but I am worried the jars won't be big enough... do you think that will work?

    I already have traveled for just 1 week, and my entire handcarry was my skincare and make-up, with just 1 change of clothes and a book to read! The security at the airport thought I was insane, I think!

    I defn. have to bring my prescription topicals. And probably my daily care (but I have such a long regimen! would you bring it all?!) Also... what about my weekly masks? and emergency treatments? b/c whenever i don't have them, i need them, you know how it is?!

    OMG, i sound so neurotic! i am sorry. anyhow, i feel better, having ssaid all of this. maybe it's not so bad, but if you share your stories, i am sure i will feel better as well!

    thank you!

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    I have eczema as well and my skin goes crazy when I have to travel to different climates. However I try to keep my skin regime as simple as possible coz sometimes I find putting on too many products make it worse.

    On trips, I usually bring along a cleansing lotion, eye cream, a day moisturiser with SPF and a night cream (important if you're going to somewhere cold and dry). Oh yeah and my cream for eczema in case it flares up. Don't bring all your skincare, you'll probably be too tired after being out a whole day to bother with putting everything on. Just stick to the basics, and maybe a few sheet masks (moisturising would be good for cold weather) just in case of you're worried.


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      Mine are travel sizes (or at least in small bottles) of:

      - cleansing oil
      - rinse-off cleanser
      - eyecream
      - moisturiser
      - high SPF sunscreen (because I never get so much sun as when I travel, spending as much time as I do outdoors)
      - something for zits
      - something that's good for exfoliation if it's a long trip (a scrubby sponge that you could use with your cleanser in the morning is ideal)


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        If you're going for 21 days, travel sizes probably won't be enough. You will have to bring the full size. My mother's cleansing lotion only lasts 2 weeks in a travel size. I usually bring two makeup cases, one with minimal makeup (1 palette, primer, foundation, travel brush set, 2 lipcolors, 1 lipliner pencil, 1 blush) and the other packed full of skincare including full sizes of:

        Cleanser (I only use 1 for both AM and PM)
        Antioxidant serum

        Washcloth (plus same cleanser after)
        Treatment product (usually AHA serum)
        Night moisturiser (cream + HA serum)
        Weekly peel/mask

        For eyecreams a travel size is fantastic but not always available.

        If you use topical prescriptions, I suggest you bring it along. My routine is pretty simple and I use it whether I'm at home or travelling.


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          I'd rather buy more when my travel-sized bottles run out. But then, my skin isn't very fussy and I like trying new things. For eyecream, I'd choose one that comes in a little plastic tube (not travel-sized, but still small). I forgot to add that those cleansing cloths that you wet and use are pretty useful for travel too. Bring enough to cleanse twice daily.


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            the last time i went overseas, i didn't bring any skincare products! i think my friends thought i was mad cuz towards the end of the trip (6th day?) my skin started to feel dry and i was like... what's the effing weather doing to my skin =____=
            then my friend, "i noticed you didn't put on moisturiser during the entire trip...."
            me,"what?! you mean must put moisturiser?!!"
            then i borrowed theirs... haha. i think it's a good idea to put hydrating masks on the plane... it's so dry in the cabin! my contact lens almost popped out >___<
            haha, all of the above was when i was young and ignorant. like 5 months ago? i didn't use to care about my skin.. and then suddenly i discovered cozycot!! :D


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              thank you ladies... this is very helpful. i am still trying to decide what will have to go. the skincare issue is very touchy for me. i have had so many problems in the past due to some really complicated conditions.

              i am going to use your suggestions, and go through my skincare regimen and see what i can take out. the topical prescriptions must go with me; that's a given. They take up a lot of room, but I have no choice, they go wherever I go!

              So you think that it's ok to wear a sheet mask on the plane? I bet that would prevent a lot of problems, and then I wouldn't need some of the items I want to bring with me...

              Also---> do you all put your skincare in your handcarry, or do you put some in your luggage? b/c if i put some in my luggage, it's not a problem. I realized I forgot about shampoo and body lotion! ACK!!!! (I am allergic to everything, I need to use unscented items, and these work for me.)

              Oh, I feel like a mess. My whole handcarry is going to weigh so much!


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                Sheet masks on a plane are a good idea. I usually don't use it just because I hate touching anything I put on my face if I don't have clean hands, and basically nothing on a plane is considered "clean" IMO. Unless you do it in the bathroom and walk out of it wearing the sheet mask right after you wash your hands, which is probably going to look pretty weird.

                I always bring my makeup/skincare in my hand luggage, but I pack my shampoo/conditioner/body wash etc heavier items in the partition in my check-in luggage. You gotta be careful to double bag it, preferably with a ziplock bag, in case it leaks. But since I use Dove for my body/hair care mostly, it's quite easily available in most countries I travel to. Not so for skincare so I'm not taking the chance in case it leaks. I'm very very particular about skincare and most of the stuff I use are expensive cosmeceuticals which can only be bought online. It usually weighs about 4kg for me, just for the makeup case alone, and I put the makeup carry-case on the small check-in case that comes as a set, if that makes sense at all. But I'm not sure if the airlines you're with is particular about the number of carry-ons.


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                  Okies this is what I've decided to bring for my upcoming HKG trip :

                  1) Anti-bacteria cleanser
                  2) Panoxyl (for pop-ups accidents)
                  3) Aloe vera gel (Both as my makeup base as well as moisturiser)

                  ..... thats all .....


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                    I agree with Aphrael.

                    21 days... Your travel-size portions could have run out by the end of 2 weeks.

                    I always insist on bringing full-sizes eventhough my mother will nag me to pour everything into travel-size bottles. I put both my cosmetic and skincare items--with the exception of m/u remover, cleanser and exfoliant, into 1 makeup case because there's enough space.

                    The m/u remover, cleanser and exfoliant are then put together with shampoo, conditioner and bath gel. All these are placed in a plastic bag and into our luggage.

                    I don't leave out treatment products like masks because my skin gets very reactive when I travel.

                    If your long skin regimen is vital in keeping your skin in good condition, it's best to bring everything along although your case might be heavy. I prefer to carry a heavy case than to have bad skin upon my return from a trip. Bad skin takes a long time to heal... and not to mention, you might feel depressed about it. Been through that awful experience several times so I don't take chances anymore.