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Silicone in hair products - good or bad?

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  • Silicone in hair products - good or bad?

    hi all
    what do u girls think? i have read info that silicones can cause hair loss, weigh hair down and dry out hair over time..yet some sources stated silicone is good for hair to provide shine, acts as a barrier etc..

    for me i try to avoid anything that has silicones..but some of my hair products still contain..when i go shopping i will be reading the ingredients list and if they contain silicones i try not to buy them..but sad to say most of the good stuff raved about does contain..

    anyone behave the same way as me? i think im kinda weird. so far only my conditioners and leave in contain silicones. shampoo big nono.

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    Hi Dewy,

    Silicones in leave in conditioner is better than waxes or creams as they do not weigh hair down. I have not heard of silicones causing hair loss, hair loss is mostly cause by hormones, your diet, stress and genes. Hair products do play a part if it irritates your scalp but its usually temporary.

    For me, I like to use silicone based hair serum after I washed and conditioned my hair. I change shampoos and conditioners quite frequently as I like to try out different brands.

    What are you all?


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      hi gink
      i do rotate my shampoos regulary in fact almost daily..conditioners too..ya i like to try out different brands too..
      for me i try to avoid shampoos with silicones, but conditioners and leave ins its ok..
      esp leave in..cause i havent found a leave in that works well without silicones..
      shampoo wise i try to avoid..personal perferance just dont quite like them
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        Agreed with Gink. As what I heard from a hair stylist, those common brands that are available in market are mostly waxe or cream products that will weigh hair down. He recommended silicone base hair care.


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          Silicones work magic in the short run, they make your hair (and skin) feel like silk and 'glue' split ends together temporarily.

          However, silicones are notorious for causing a build up, so if you don't use a clarifying shampoo (or scrub for the skin) your beloved silicone-product will no longer work any more after a while.

          I think they are basically film formers, that's all. They don't do anything but sit on the surface of your hair so that it feels smooth.


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            causes horrible build up for me! i avoid shamps and conds with silicone like the plague now!

            most shamps and conds out there have silicone in them though, so if you have no problem, don't worry about it. it won't dehydrate your hair or cause scalp/hair loss problems


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              Hey there, just thought I'll share with you girls some info on silicone build-up in hair products that I've learned from my stylist. Being very concerned about the negative effects of silicone on hair in the long run, I enquired about it from my stylist( who's the first stylist I've stayed with for more than five years). Her take was silicone, if used in high percentages in hair products will lead to a build up on the hair shaft, thus resulting in it being impervious to other hair care products( think human skin covered by a layer of wax). However, silicone in small, moderate amounts found in products, does help in moisturization and enhances shine and silkiness of hair.

              In a nutshell, pay attention to silicone percentage and content amount( ingredients usually listed in descending order in terms of percentage) in hair care products before purchase.