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  • hair dilemma

    peeps, i need some help badly. I can't decide whether to do rebonding/soft straightening/hair spa. My hair is frizzy, and i have split ends at the bottom part of my hair.

    Which should i try?

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    and i wld like to know which are the places recommended and the cost. my hair is around my waist


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      me too wanna ask the same question.....but mine is already rebonded hair....rebonded on the march/april this year.....has been frizzy since...thinking of loreal xtenso.....


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        For split ends, the only choice is to cut it off. For frizzy hair, rebonding and soft straightening might help but i think it will have to depend on how strongth is your hair since this is a chemical processing. You have to let the hairstylist decide whether rebonding or soft straight can help. In some cases, if your hair is not strong enough, it might get fried. If you want to do hair spa to save your hair, one time might not be enough. why not do hair treatment at home?


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          if hair is bleached, dont rebond!
          cos it will turn out fried!

          i suggest conditioning your hair to a better condition before opting for rebonding or any chemical processing

          meanwhile chopping off the spilt ends is the best option


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            My hair only gone through rebonding before, which is rebonded about 2 years ago (1 year 10 months). I have lots of split ends, but less than 1 cm that kind, so I think it should be quite alright because I'll definitely trim much more than that.