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Silvercloud in Paul & Joe Makeover - Pg 13 (Post #188)

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  • Silvercloud in Paul & Joe Makeover - Pg 13 (Post #188)

    My 1st attempt at FOTD.

    Here it goes:

    Ettusais medicated acne clear UV protector (Makeup base)
    Ettusias powder foundation (oil free pact) No. 22

    Hollywood Secrets Eyebrow pencil in 02 (brown)
    Ettusais e/s YE1 as the base
    MAC Seedy Pearl for highlighting
    MAC Trax to cover 2/3 of the eyelid
    MAC Shale (inner 1/3 of the lid)
    MAC Violet pigment to cover the rest of the lid
    Helena Rubinstein Extravagant Mascara

    Stila blush in Bud

    Nivea lipbalm in Strawberry
    Origins Lipgloss in Fruit Punch
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    very pretty! feminine AND sultry

    i was already lemming for a good lavender e/s... tmrw must go get!

    thanks for posting! looking forward to more FOTDs from you!


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      nice purples. Smile more!


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        very nice! I like your eye makeup.heh


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          demure, feminine girl!! how old r u?? post more post more...


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            Thank you. I find that I always use purple shades. Trying to break away from that and use other colors too.

            SMOKEYeyes : I'm 27.


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              ooh, pretty pretty
              carolyn, you've got lovely eyes, dramatic eye makeup flaunts them very well.
              show us other colours next time

              stila bud turned out natural rosy pink in your FOTD.. so you liking it so far?
              is it really identical to your MAC cute?

              - crazygirl


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                Thanks Glossie & Celest. Still can't decide if Bud is exactly like Cute. It is very similar, but I think it is just a tad lighter/brighter. Then again, maybe I'm color-blind If you come for the slumber party, you can help me differentiate

                Here are the pics I took yesterday. Was thinking what eye color to use as my bellydance costume is blue, and then I had to rush for a wedding dinner and I was wearing dark gold long skirt with black top.

                In the end, I settled for a darker shade, with blue over it. Not sure if it's my lousy cam, but hope you guys can see the pics clearly.

                Ettusais medicated acne clear UV protector (Makeup base)
                Ettusias powder foundation (oil free pact) No. 22

                Hollywood Secrets Eyebrow pencil in 02 (brown)
                Ettusais e/s YE1 as the base
                Benefit Meringe as highlight
                MAC Pink Opal pigment for 2/3 of the lid
                MAC Shale for the crease and 2/3 of the lid
                MAC Tan pigment on the outer end of the crease
                MAC Cornflower pigment on the inner crease
                Estee Lauder MagnaScopic in 01 for the lashes

                MAC Pink Swoon

                Nivea Lipblam Strawberry
                Helena Rubinstein Velvet Veil lipstick
                Ettusais LE Cosmic lipgloss in Pink

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                  Love your latest FOTD! (Or should I say FOTN!) Looks very classy and stylish.


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                    Wow! Your brows are so full! How do you rate hollywood secrets brow pencil?


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                      Thank you Ninni & tAbBiE.

                      tAbBiE: I think my brows are naturally very thick, too much hair. Plucking is a horror for me and probably the beautician who does eyebrow trimming. I don't have to draw my whole brows, just need to color them a little, and draw the ends.

                      I like Hollywood Secrets eyebrow pencil. It's easy to draw and blend. Very convenient as it comes with a brush at one end too. I heard it can last for a couple of years too. My sister loved it after she tried mine and I bought one for her.


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                        hi dear.. your new FOTD from the angle.. you looked alittle like mediacorp's cynthia koh!!

                        you have the very bridal look.. very feminine. i wish i can be like that!! cheers.

                        more p[lease!!


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                          I have the same pencil in the same color. But I find it very hard to draw. It's toooo hard and the color doesn't appear on my brows no matter how much strength I use. I like the brush at the other end, but the pencil itself doesn't work for me. Any idea why?


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                            I find the pencil glides better if I use cream based moisturizer or have sunscreen/makeup base on. It can be quite hard if the skin is dry. When I draw, I kinda lay it flat against the skin, like shading it in (not sure if you get what I mean).

                            SMOKEYeyes : You are too kind. Bridal? Hehehehhehe


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                              Paul & Joe Makeover 23 Nov 04


                              The remnant of the makeover, after 4 hours.

                              UV Primer
                              Liquid Foundation #03
                              Concealer #03 (for the eyes)
                              Face Powder #04

                              Eyebrow powder #012
                              Eyebrow pencil #02
                              Eyeshadows in #035 CS, #17 (green, peachy-champagne)
                              Dual Crayon (e/l) #01
                              Mascara #01

                              Blush #31 (peachy-pink)

                              Lipstick #36 CS
                              Gloss #001
                              Dual Crayon (l/l) #05

                              But I think the lip color is almost all gone in the pic.