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  • Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

    Hello - can any kind soul out there advise me on the cleansing procedure with Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil?

    The following steps are what the SA taught me but I don't think it is working becos my face feels very weird after cleansing so I don't think it is right

    1) Apply & massage cleansing oil onto face
    2) Lather with water, and gently massage again
    3) Tissue off

    But I find it too trouble to tissue off, esply when I am now in Shanghai (it is too dry). So any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    hi there!
    Step 1 is correct.
    Setp 2 : Wet your hands and massage face slightly to emulsify the oil into a milky substance.
    Step 3: You do not tissue off the cleansing oil! You have to use water to rinse it off and then wash with a foaming cleanser to get rid off all the oily residue.

    Hope this helps!


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      yup that's right. remember to use just a little bit of water in step 2 for the emulsifying process. massage it in and let all the makeup melt away and rinse face with water. and follow up with your regular cleanser!


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        Dang...!!! So, this mild cleansing oil is actually a make-up remover & not the usual facial cleanser (but with exfoliation properties)? Is that why there is a need to double cleanse? Oh no, I thought it is good enough to be used alone...

        But thank you very much for helping to correct the steps


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          yeah, this mild cleansing oil is a makeup remover! their washing powder is the facial cleanser if you are looking for one. They also have several types of washing powder for diff skin types.


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            Actually this cleansing oil remove grease and dirt as well, so dont have to double cleanse, if you'd like to, then use a hydrating milk cleanser instead. Most oil cleansing are very drying for the skin in the long run.


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              They're coming up with new Fancl cleansing oil

              This time it is reformulated so you can use it with wet or dry hands!

              IIRC it's avail from Jan next year but you get a free trial sized one with any purchase (or does it have to be the cleansing oil?) from 26 Nov onwards


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                Fyi, get 20ml NEW Mild Cleansing Oil FREE with minimum $20 purchase of any FANCL skincare or cosmetics products.

                got that off the mailer!

                you would get a FREE calendar too!


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                  I jus got the new formula cleansing oil free! And a free white mask too. Good stuff..can' wait to try...


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                    ooh amanda, i'm looking forward to your review of the new cleansing oil! any idea when the standard size will be launched? coz i don't want to get any of the old ones if the news ones are coming out soon!


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                      Hi Bo Peep, I just tried the new cleansing oil. It seems similar to the old one only it seems thicker and less when you wet your face it becomes quite creamy. I have no idea when the standard size will be out, forgot to ask the SA. Why don't u buy something ? They'll give this 20ml to you free to try. :


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                        oh amanda, i'm afraid i don't have anything that i want to get at the moment...... so sad... actually that's a good thing coz i can save $$$

                        ok will go there another day and see if i can get something! hehehe!


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                          Fancl cleansing oil and eyes

                          usually cleansing oils are good for removing eye makeup however this fancl one is to avoid the eye areas... i'm curious as to whether you wash your eyes (lids and undereye areas) with your facial cleanser or only with the eye make-up remover? (hope i'm in the right thread) also, are the "branded" stuff like SKII and Clinique sold in Sasa authentic?


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                            there already is an existing thread on XXX so i've merged your thread with it.

                            In the future, before posting up new threads, do use the function (located near the top of the page) to see if there's anything similar already okie?


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                              ok... i'm still trying to get used to this unfamiliar CC culture... kinda weird that you all encourage people to bump the threads... it grows so huge and is really hard and tedious to read.

                              Please avoid quotations if it's obvious what you're referring to. Thank you.
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