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    Anyone using or tried this product range? I have walked past it dozen times at City Link, but never did venture in.

    I read abt their skincare and make up are suppose to be good for sensitive skin, but i have no idea abt the price either anyone know?
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    Curious about this brand too.. seems and sounds good but never step into their store before... too quiet.. very scared to be over-tempted by their products!

    But they do sound like Averine types of cosmetic line ya?


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      Botanical Skin Care

      Tailored for sensitive skin especially rosacea sufferers and health-conscious people

      Bontanical skincare products use

      1) Natural ingredients e.g. plant extracts
      2) No chemicals/preservatives/alcohol
      3) Organic

      This thread is opened to discuss the benefits of using bontanical products. I'm a new user myself. Do share your comments and experience!
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        List of Bontanical Retailers

        Heres a list of bontanical products. I will keep it updated when i discover new lines recommended from cotters.

        1) Trilogy
        2) Hema
        3) Dr Hauschka
        4) Living Nature
        5) MV Organic

        Nature Unplugged

        6) SukisnaturalsArboretum-skincare (sth like Fancl but its organic)

        7) KOSMEA

        8 ) Botanical Works

        9) Lavera (City Link)
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          i am currently using:

          1) Trilogy Cleansing Cream
          When i started using this, i thought i find it rather oily despite attempts to rinse off the "residue". Then i realise the contents contain alot of oils such as lavender, carrot, rosehip etc. that explains it. but i love the smell coz its lavender. the after-smell after washing off is that of rosehip oil.

          so i put it off until i decide to give it another try weeks later. this time, however, i use my normal cleanser after the cleansing cream. realised that the cream can effectively remove tinted moisturiser and tinted pimple cream. and my normal foaming cleanser takes off the excess oil which will be too much for my otherwise oily-combi skin.

          a perfect combi.

          2) Trilogy Rose Hip Oil

          It was much raved but as to date from October, i didnt discover any effects. Perhaps more time is needed.

          will post reviews after my exams
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            You posted at the perfect time! Just earlier tonight i discovered and am tempted to try their stuff. They seem to have really good customer service; free samples, many payment options, ships outside the US, etc. My skin's been horrible lately so i'm thinking it's good time that i got some new skincare items

            Helenthea, please keep up posted about the products you're using...thanks


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              Reviews on Dr Hauschka can be found in this link
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                i noticed that sukisnaturals has a facial toner thats good for rosacea sufferer!!!

                our toners are concentrated herbal tinctures for your complexion. white willow is a highly effective anti-inflammatory for oily, combination, acneic, or blemishing skin, for after-sun care, rosacea and any condition of redness or inflammation. contains powerful active elements that ensure real results.


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                    Kosmea Organic Rose Hip Oil

                    Saw this brand - KOSMEA (from Australia) - at the Holistic Living Festival. They have an entire range of skincare products, but I only bought their 100% organic rose hip oil. A big rave!!

                    I spritz my entire face with either Shu Uemura's depsea water or a hydrosol. Then I take two drops of the rosehip oil, rub it between my hands, and press it onto my damp face. That prevents my face from getting too oily and I feel it also helps the oil to be better absorbed.

                    After 10 minutes the oily look disappears and my skin is nice and hydrated. Next morning, skin is glowing and even, inflamed parts are calmed, and for me it helps to lighten pimple scars.

                    There are many brands of organic rose hip oil out there - they should be just as effective. Not too expensive and very handy to have around. The oil is versatile - even calms the eczema in my pets' ears!


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                      ditto the kosmea!

                      it help my crazy skin to calm down for a while and it is cheap too!


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                        Is Aesop considered one such line? I like my Aesop rose oil for when my skin's too parched (the other skin-saver is La Mer). I think I've tried its Fabulous Face Oil with good results too!

                        Yay, I'm getting the Kosmea soon (winks to ). Hope it works for me!


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                          my trilogy oil is about to finish and quite a hassle to order direct from the web.

                          how much is the KOSMEA and where can i get them in singapore? thanks!


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                            where can i get KOSMEA in Singapore?
                            what else is good, besides the oil?


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                              If I'm not wrong, you can get the Rose Hip Oil from Daisy's Nail Cottage at Midpoint Orchard.

                              I bought my bottle for S$28, but don't know how much Daisy's is selling it for.

                              Here's the importer:

                              Aserindia Pte Ltd
                              45 Hong Kong Street,
                              Singapore 059683
                              Tel: 6853 4642
                              Fax: 6535 1691
                              Mobile: 90708018
                              Email: [email protected]

                              You can call or email them to find out where Kosmea retails in Singapore. Don't bother with the website, there is nothing there at all.