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  • Glyderm AHA skincare

    Just wondering whether anyone here uses Glyderm products. Have been on this pdts for more almost 2 years and is wondering whether it's good to carry on after so long. Afterall, it's made of glycolic acid...and is it harmful to the skin???

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    Hello Jowee! Welcome to CC! Please let us know you a little by telling us someting about yourself!

    I don't even know where to get Glyderm! I believe I've tried the cleanser once and I liked it. Glycolic acid isn't harmful but can be too harsh for some people. It's one form of chemical exfoliation. There're some info in the pin-up. You may google for more links to read up about it.


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      Hi there! I first got it from CGH as a travel pack. I have combination skin with lots of little bumps usually round the forehead and both cheeks....not to mention irritating little blackheads!!! But after using this Glyderm, seems like most of the bumps have already cleared out and the blackheads seem lessen...though still noticible...hee..hee

      This pdts contain glycolic acid, the alpha-hydroxy acid that is derived from sugar cane. And seems like most dermatologists or plastic/cosmetic surgeons in Canada is using it. Read more of it here Now...i am just kinda worry bout thinning out my skin if use too long.....won't it? Have tried replacing it with the usual skincare like Clarins, Biotherm etc...and after a while all the bumps will come back! I will then go back to glyderm....****.....