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sleeping with hair wax n other products

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  • sleeping with hair wax n other products

    i know it's a little unhygenic but does anyone out there do this?

    like with clay or hair wax? i was told that it'll give u more volume!!!

    wanna find out too whetehr these products will be drying for ur hair if u leave it overnight.... :huh:

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    i sleep with leave in hair treatment or serums on hair ends but not wax. feel uneasy though..guess its better to wash it out cause it doesnt gets absorb into hair unlike those treatment kinds..other wise the residue may touch the scalp and cause those white white stuff..just my thought..

    drying or not im not too sure..

    best to use clarifying shampoo once a week to rid build up too. u just perm your hair eh? maybe use it 1 month later? not too sure..


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      yup, just permed my hair n went for treatment n cut those damaged ends off.

      still have a little of those yucky ends left tho. sigh....

      was thinking of washing my hair once every 2 days instead now since it's so dry.... thus might have to leave wax in overnight.

      thanx for helping anyway!