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How to handle thick and frizzy hair?

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  • How to handle thick and frizzy hair?

    Hi all, I have a problem since birth. My hair is thick and frizzy(as in wavy kind of curly). I hate it so much and always have to cut it short. I long wish for somekind of treatment that can treat my problem. Anyone out there knows of any? Please help my poor soul.

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    you can try rebonding to make your hair easier to handle.


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      i have relatively short hair coz i cant keep it long. I guess rebonding will not be worth and it does not make it permanent...sob sob


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        yar, rebonding is not permanent, however it does help by keeping hair neat and tidy. the effects are actually quite lasting, maybe about 1 year? prehaps you can try straightening your hair or apply hair masks to help soften your hair. HTH!


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          Hi Zico,

          i had the same problem as you. Since young, my hair is really thick and curly/wavy and very dry. So all the while, i kept my hair really short cos any longer will make my hair really "pong"

          Things starts to change a few years back (during last sem of my poly) when i plucked up enough courage to rebond my hair. Though my hair was short then, i still didnt regret my choice, although i couldnt get used to the flatness and change of look initially. But my hair was really so much easier to manage and im able to grow my hair long.

          I used to go swimming often, now i hardly swim. Probably u may need to look for yr HG shampoo/conditioner that suits yr hair. For me, im using Nexxus stuff cos it works really well for me. My hair texture and condition change alot. My long time no see sis also commented on the improvement.

          After wash and condtioning, i will apply straightening balm and blow dry my hair to prevent fly away. Will usually follow by a leave in conditioner or shine spray. Also, i make it a point to mask my hair at least once weekly. Best if u use a shower cap/tower to wrap yr hair when "masking", effect will be better.

          Will try to see if im able to post some before and after photo.



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            oh yah... forgot to add. Like mention by some cotter here, usually the rebonding effect will last for quite a while, so it will be quite awhile before u need to go for another rebonding session. There no so call really permanent way to straighten the hair i guess cos its naturally wavy/curly. When new hair grows out, the curl will still be there. But we can help by improving the hair condition. So regular maintenance is important. As the saying goes, gotta spend more time and effort to be pretty... Haaa there no ugly women, only lazy women. I'm trying very hard not to be lazy! Guess im only hard working towards my hair at the moment.


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              Re: How to do away with thick and frizzy hair?

              Originally posted by Zico
              Hi all, I have a problem since birth. My hair is thick and frizzy(as in wavy kind of curly). I hate it so much and always have to cut it short. I long wish for somekind of treatment that can treat my problem. Anyone out there knows of any? Please help my poor soul.
              Try Kerastase Treatment Hair Mask for Dry/Coarse Hair in an orange tub. Very good


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                Hmm... u can try doing more DIY treatments at home.. I like pantene's moisturizing hair treatment for dry/damaged hair... But I find the best solution is to go for rebonding...


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                  Try something like a hair mask the Loreal one in Yellow/Orange tub not too bad too. If you use it regularly it will help.


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                    Try the Watson Beer Wax Treatment or the Honey Wax, both worked so well for me. I have wavy hair, and frizzy in humid weather. I tired blue serum, sebastian potion 9 and others, none work as well as the wax treatment and Lavenus Leave In Conditioner. They are cheap too!


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                      I have thick hair too, isn't as frizzy now but was frizzy in the past. You have to do lots of treatments to treat the frizzy hair. Would then suggest rebonding to tame the hair first and let it grow long. Thick hair like ours need the weight of the long hair to make it less puffy. After that, it's the search for a good hairdresser. It's an arduous process.


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                        I would think that you would have to leave your hair long to let the weight of the hair straighten it a little, like jazzylee said?

                        I have thick and frizzy hair too, used to swim a lot when I was young and thought swimcaps looked weird. Talk about regretting.

                        But I kind of don't want to rebond my hair, basically because I just don't look good in it (used tongs to straighten my hair rebonding-like..I look like I just got caught in the rain), and I don't want my frizzy hair to start growing out from the top of my head.

                        So I go for regular hair treatment..Love the results although it doesn't really come out very straight or shiny. My hair's softer and easier to comb and tie up without having to gel (maybe a little bit on the top) and easier to style.

                        I also use a hair mask and serum to prevent frizz. Kerastase's serum is quite nice, and light. That's what I use on better hair days. On worse hair days I use a bit of gel and this dark green serum I got from Mexxis at Wisma. That's quite ok too

                        Oh, and blowdrying your hair now and then is a good idea, and is actually good for your hair, just don't blowdry like every time you wash your hair. Style while blow drying hot, then just before it becomes completely dry, switch to a cold setting. Tames the frizziness quite well

                        Ah, the sacrifices we make for our hair..took me a long time to figure out what to do with my mop

                        Hope I helped a little


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                          I used to have the same problem, but growing your hair long helps as the weight keeps the hair from appearing too big. You'll probably go through some rather queer stages when the hair is really unbearable, but once it's some length past your shoulders you should see the difference.

                          Aside from rebonding I don't think there's any one off solution for it. I use serums and hair masks regularly so that hair isn't too dry and frizzes up.


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                            I second the suggestion to keep your hair long too. However, you may like to keep it past shoulder length, because then your hair will be 'weighed' down and you can go for layered style to keep it looking less thick. I have a big problem with thick hair too, and made the mistake of cutting my hair to shoulder length. Big mistake! It puffed up my hair and looked awful.

                            Rebonding will also keep it neat and nice. IMHO, people with thick hair look really good with rebonded hair, as the hair doesn't look too 'flat' after rebonding.

                            Hair treatments do help, but I would say, don't bother going for treatments at salons. They're expensive and don't really last. At least, I only saw results for about 2 days before my hair went frizzy again! DIY hair treatments will suffice, I think. But, you have gotta be diligent about it!



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                              rebond! i have the same situation but went for rebonding and things are so much better now.. agree that salon treatments are expensive and the effects does not last.. just do regular masking and conditioning for ur hair.. but i myself still have not find my HG shampoo and conditioner.. HG mask for now will be the watsons' beer wax! HTH!