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  • Geri's

    north of the pole
    Last edited by reldyn; 04-11-2007, 09:29 PM.

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    dear geri,

    u really have glowing skin from your pics!
    And u really look sweet with that smile of yours, I love your nice cheekbones!

    I also thought u did a good job in your e/s, cos your eyes doesnt look small to me as a contrary to what u said. Kekeke.

    Looking more to your FOTDs!!!


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      Hi kintra,

      u look so school girlishly sweet and cute!!!


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        Girl you look so sweet and fresh... I remember you were pissed off when some guy said something about your looks (Daily rant) but I know conclude that he must be blind!!! Gorrrgeeeyy!


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          you look very diff from your avatar..

          your FOTD you look so youngish & sweet!!! just like a schoolgirl!! like what cefindre mentioned!!! GOOD!!!

          keep that youth going man!


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            I agree with the others, your look is very fresh and young!


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              Fresh and young! And your do have rather special-looking eyes... they do 'speak' in a nice subtle way. Lovely!


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                Oooo, your skin is flawless! Don't let this be your last FOTD okie =)


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                  thank you all for your very kind words.

                  i'm 21, going on 22 this december so being called girlishly sweet is really one big compliment!
                  i tend to think that from the twenties onwards, time seems to fly by really quickly and one can get caught in the grind of work, play and rest without pausing to smell the roses!
                  kiss_me: my skin's not really flawless if you see it in real life! loads of acne scars, but recently i'm using the bio-essence radiant youth essence and it seems to be working really well for me. i suffer from breakouts occasionally, urgh!
                  ChanceuxS: i can only attribute my glowing skin to its' oiliness! heh. but i think the occasional microdermabrasion/ scrub works wonders. :D

                  once again, thanks for everyone's kind words.