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    I have a question, i hope it's not too silly

    i'm interested to buy more make-up, but i was wondering if we are 'allowed' to try the make-up before we buy it?

    for instance, if i want to get a MAC lipglass, can i actually try the lipglass there?
    would it seem very rude if i keep trying different colours on myself, or is there another way?
    perhaps cotters here can advise


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    Of course you can try the make-up before buying, in fact you should Just ask the SA for disposable applicators or cotton buds if you want to try the lipglass or lipsticks. For blusher, get cotton balls.....

    You can try on as many as you want. So long as you are nice and polite to the SA, I don't see why they should reject your request to test on the items before buying


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      Thats what testers are for! But I'm anal about hygiene these days, so I dont try them directly on my face. The closest I would do is to try some powder/LF at my jawline. I wont try tester lipsticks/glosses on my own lips.


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        I don't try them directly on the face .. i'm a hygiene freak! I just test them on the back of my hands.


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          Testing stuff on my lips is just too icky.... and then I end up with colours that turn out different when I wear them, especially lipgloss


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            How about other stuffs like eye liner, eyebrow pencils , eye shadows? Ask the MA/SA to try on us? :huh:


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              i tend to try eyeshadow on my hand but the problem with that is that sometimes the eyeshadow applies more pigmented on my hand...can also ask the MA to try on you...thats what i did at MAC and the MA showed me how to apply it on my eyes and did it for me as well


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                I refrain from trying on stuff at the counter, though I can't help myself when it comes to lipglasses. That said, I will definitely not try another eyelash curler! The last time I tried a Shu Uemura eyelash curler at a counter, I got a creepy looking stye on my eyelid which took a while to disappear. I also lost a couple of eyelashes while I was at it too.


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                  how do u girls try lip glosses? cos when i try them on my hands, or some recommend the fingertips, the colour always look different as compared to on the lips...
                  Do the SA provide like a cotton bud to dip into the lip glosses?? Thanks!


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                    I refuse to apply the testers on my face as well, usually I swipe them at the back of my hand.

                    For eye & lip items, I'll look into the mirror & try to angle the colour on the back of my hand near the eye or lip area to get a gauge of how it'll look on my face & whether it's suitable for my skintone.

                    For base make-up, I'll get the SA to apply a little near my jawline to see if the shade is a good fit.

                    Most counters provide cotton buds for application of lip products. For base make-up, the SA will usually use sponges/brushes/cotton pads. Don't be shy about asking for disposable applicators if you want to test items!


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                      i never knew so many of you dont try it out, you all just take and go pay up?

                      Personally, i feel i need to try out to see how it looks on me especially base makeup, eye shadows, lipgloss and blusher.


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                        no need to feel shy about testing the makeup.
                        only through testing..u will know what is nice on you.

                        As for myself....i am also quite particular about hygiene so i will refrain from using the makeup directly on my face unless i am very familiar with the artiste.

                        Most of the time when browsing at the counters, i usually try the colours on my hand


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                          I usually dont try things such as mascaras/blush/pressed powdersetc on my face unless I really have to like liquid foundations as I need a close match for the foundation. The SA applies it to my jawline and I would rub it off after finding my match.

                          As for MAC lipglasses, I ususally get a separate disposable applicator and try a wee bit on my lips and take a tissue to remove it .

                          I try e.s on my hand as well but sometimes the bad thing is most of the e.s actually stays on your finger than getting it on your hand!

                          It's best to ask the SA regarding things you would like to try on. For Shu cosmetics, the SA usually takes a fresh new makeup sponge and apply the item you want to test on your hand and ask beforehand if you would like to try it on your jawline



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                            channel(taka) and clarins(isetan scotts) has very hygenic trying on sample styles. they always use new brushes/sponges. i saw my fav sa at clarins isetan scotts use a new and really neat (nice elegant design too) foundation travel size brush to apply foundation on my face. my god the brush is so soft and i suspect its high quality hair too. distributes the foundation very well and i almost cried out loud i wanted that brush!


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                              I don't really care about germs so I test just about everything. I want to make sure the item is good before I buy it.

                              I use the cotton tips to test lippies e.g. MAC lipglass and usually get a MA to help me if I want to test stuff like foundation, blush etc.