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  • Giorgio Beverly Hills

    hi girls

    any one loves Giogio perfume?? i am looking for this brand perfume but i do not know what is the actual name called.

    anyone knows which one is more popular?

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    GIORGIO PERFUME. "Introduced by the design house of Giorgio Beverly Hills in 1982, GIORGIO PERFUME by Giorgio Beverly Hills for WOMEN is classified as a sharp fragrance. This feminine scent posesses a blend of: floral bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, rose, carnation, orris, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, moss and amber. It is recommended for casual wear."

    is this the one?

    think Metro used to carry this range. don't see it around anymore. maybe try the smaller perfume shops in town?


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      thanks for your pic.

      i not sure either. i tried to smell all Giogio perfume cant get the one she is wearing.

      where to find this? those shop like lucky plaza??


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        I believe this is the one you're looking for. You should be able to get it at Lucky Plaza or if not, I know Beauty Language is selling it.


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          thanks bree.

          is this the new packaging?

          how is the smell like? light, sweet?

          i will go n check it out


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            Hmm... I don't think its new or something but I've heard my supervisors and customers commented that it has a very nice scent. I think its light and has a fresh kind of sweetness if that makes sense.


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              hee ok thanks alot

              by the way only simei have beauty language? that day i want to go in but i forgot

              where else their branch u know?
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                parkway parade - peaches & herb
                simei eastpoint mall
                tiong bahru plaza
                novena united square
                sembawang sun plaza
                habour front
                kovan heartland mall


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                  G has been around for some time already. I have it, and I think it's a bit floral, not bad. I used to like this brand and had Gio, Wings, So You and Ocean Dream (no longer carried by Giorgio Beverly Hills).

                  Other fragrances by Giorgio Beverly Hills from the official website:
                  Giorgio - includes Sandalwood, Tuberose, Vanilla infusion, Orange flower, Jasmin, Gardenia

                  G - includes Golden elf sundust orchid, Rainbow waterlily, Frangipani flower, Peony, Assam wood, Grapefruit, White hyacinth.

                  Red - includes Osmanthus, Rose de Mai, Cherry, Patchouli, Carnation, Ambery Cedar.

                  Giorgio Beverly Hills - includes Maple woods, Tuberose, Waterlily, Rose Otto, Osmanthus, Vanilla infusion.


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                    thanks bree.shall check it out..


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                      hi bree

                      i happend to be at Novena yesterday n i saw Beauty Language. i went to ask on the perfume, sad to say their tester finished so i cant smell

                      guess i have to go other branches to look for it..i hope is the one im looking for..


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                        there's Giorgio Beverly Hills at clementi venus tooo


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                          Haha, i was working at united square's beauty language. Forgot to tell you that no tester there. I was the one who got rid of the empty tester bottle. The scent changed, thats why.


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                            oh haha

                            i went to other branch to smell it.. i think is the one im looking for but when they test is kinda strong.. mayb they spray alot

                            how much ya bree??


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                              Hmm.. i'm not sure how much is it bout I think its about 20 - 50 iirc.