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  • Creative Nail Painting

    I want to explore more ways to beautify the nails.

    How do you do your nails. Just paint or with stickers? or any other ways to beautify nails.

    I started to try a way to paint my nails

    one coat of sheer pink
    one coat of slightly darker tone of pink on the tip like french manicure
    glitter nail polish slightly above the tip
    top coat

    it creates a different tone on the nails and glitters. I quite like the look of it. Find boring to just paint the nails, looking for ways to look different.

    any advise?

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    I like to put those small silver studs on my nails. It works like this :

    First paint the first coat first
    Then the second coat on first finger, immediately must add studs so that they stick; then continue with the next finger
    Once done, add top coat to seal the studs in place.

    Usually i do just a straight line of studs on the line of the white tip, else i like to do a ribbon pattern on just one finger on each hand. I will post my pics here if possible.

    I like to draw flowers manually too. It really test on your "drawing skills, especially when using left hand to paint the right fingers, so usually the latter don't look that neat"


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      Thank you for your reply. I've been waiting.

      Where do you usually get the studs? I want to get the small, round studs. But usually only found those bigger round studs which I find too big for nails.


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        No worries ylyl

        I used to buy those small silver studs from Tsuya Tsuya from Isetan Wisma previously, but they are too expensive!!! Have since found alternatives! Watsons at taka basement sold lots of nail accessories at $3.90, you can take a look there. You can find lots of different designs there, even heart shapes or stars, some are 3D beads.

        Or if you go to IMM, Daiso carries them at $2 only.

        HTHs, have fun!!


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          Forgot to ask you earlier. How do you place the studs onto your nails? Do you use a clip like tweezer?


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            I use those orange sticks or do they call it manicure stick. I think Watsons' Manicare brand has it. Cheap too.

            Paint a little of the topcoat on one part of the stick, then you can pick up the studs easily. And before your paint on the nails dry, quickly stick it on.


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              Have you tried nail arts before? I tried to draw flowers, but not well drawn. Any other ideas beside?

              I'm not creative so need to get help


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                think you can go kinokuniya and get those Japanese Nail Art magazines. Loads of ideas there. Although some are too wayang to be painted, but it will interesting to flip!


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                  i also tried playing around with different french manicure colors, or painting diagonal stripes and dots on my nails... but sometimes the color combinations look odd... haha..

                  i tried painting on my nails too, but i can't get the acrylic paint to come out nicely on my nails, the brush always leaves streaks even though i use a good brush... sigh....


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                    i second Watsons at taka basement because it carries a wide range of nail accessories at $3.90!


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                      how do u girls paint the french manicure line properly? I cant seem to get the line nice and thin.. it always turns out fuzzy and crooked... worse on my right hand... haha


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                        you can buy the french manicure kit, they provide sticker strips to paste on your nails so that your manicure will be neat and pretty


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                          let auntie share her DIY ways here :

                          basic steps provided -

                          hmm... see designs here -

                          faint here!! -


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                            thanks for the nice infos...there are really informative n creative with the designs!!


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                              What do one use to paint onto nails ? Some nail-art brushes ?

                              I am thinking of sticking crystals on my nails too. Sick of stickers art. Am moving on to crystals and beads!

                              And oh, is it easier to use the orange stick method bee said or just the tweezer method ?

                              Usually, for sticker, i just use tweezer and it works well for me.