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  • Collagen


    anyone been drinking collagen? i am thinking of doing that.. but can't decide which brand is better.. any feedback? heard of Amino, Fancl, DTC,etc..


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    hey bibi22,

    i recommend colla-e collagen drink with multi vitamins.. you can get that at Watsons. they now also have a new one enhanced with omega3 in a sachet pack. you can check out their facebook page for more info- colla-e collagen


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      Collagen drink really can leave your skin smooth,tight and glowing,but the effect is short. If you stop drinking,your skin will become worse than before. In fact,a great deal of collagen drink contains the hormone,it's harmful to the health if you drink for long time. So I thought it's unnecessary to drink collagen to improve your skin.


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        actually claire u're not exactly correct. collagen is a natural substance in our skin, and as we age, the collagen in us reduces. when we take in collagen drink, it actually works to replenish the collagen in our skin to keep our skin smooth. naturally if u stop taking collagen and the collagen continues to deplete, ur skin will of course not be as smooth as before.


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          hey girls, here are some promotion information for your reference.

          Suntory Milcolla Collagen Powder_105g $45.9
          (WQUEEN) Suntory Milcolla Collagen Powder_105g - womany

          Meiji Amino Collagen Powder_200g $43.5
          (WQUEEN) Meiji Amino Collagen Powder_200g - womany


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            me! me! me!
            I don't take asian collagen though. I order mine from iherb. Neocell Brand. cheap
            Neocell, Super Collagen, Type 1 & 3, 7 oz (198 g) -

            i like it! really plumping the skin. pih/red mark amazingly faded (like after 1 week usage). BUT, my oldest pih/red mark is only like 2-3 months old ba.
            the best of all, my hip pain magically cured! LOL that time I think I sprinkle my hip or something (i think so though~coz it was 1 year ago).

            Now I don't take it anymore. No reason actually. the effects are only temporary though~I think after 1 week of no taking, my skin went back to normal. but the red marks that have faded are not returning of course. also, my hip pain also hasn't returned till now.

            I recommend you to take powder one (from Neocell) rather than the tablets. I tried both. Tablets don't work on my skin, I mean, it was like taking nothing.
            The powder DOES taste awful~really~I particularly hate the smell. I put a drop of peppermint oil to cover the smell. As for taste, dun really care coz I take it with my vit C crystal (which is very very sour) that cover the taste.


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              DHC collagen is no good for me. Fancl is the best so far.

              Anyay, if you ladies are interested to see the results on my skin for the DHC, click here.


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                I tried DHC collagen, no effect. Tried Milcolla also no effect + dun like the milk taste.
                Now trying this japan collagen called 'snow powder collagen' (gold packaging) bought for $40.9 at Qoo10, pretty positive results so far


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                  Hmm...I seem to heard from somewhere that the digestive systems doesn't really absorb the collagen. so can anyone advise me on how true is it??

                  Don't want to spend money if it doesn't work...Hehe. Or is it better to get those that can apply on the skin?? So that it absorbs better??


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                    Yes, I have been drinking collagen drink for about 2 weeks now.. I did see some results and my skin feels smoother. I was informed to monitor of the results coz no results means that i need to detox my body first. So far.. i didnt do any detoxification yet


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                      Originally posted by Sprouts View Post
                      DHC collagen is no good for me. Fancl is the best so far.

                      Anyay, if you ladies are interested to see the results on my skin for the DHC, click here.
                      Agreed. Fancl is the best for me as well... the only one that i see a difference the next day after drinking it. skin more radiant.


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                        El marino blanc collagen drink

                        Came across this forum by chance n coincidently the topic about collagen came up.
                        For the best collagen, I would recommend drinking it n making it part of ure diet.
                        Try d El Marino Blanc..

                        A quick intro :
                        El Marino Blanc is an enhanced and effective collagen drink specially formulated to provide 4 ways of protection
                        - Fairer skin - Firmer skin - Radiant and glowing skin - Smoother skin texture
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                        The combination of ROC® + VIQUA® Active with ADS® Nano Delivery System + Collactive ™, activate and maintain your skin’s natural system to protect it against external harmful elements.
                        El Marino Blanc’s new enhanced formula, penetrates deep into your skin cells with;
                        Action 1: Protect your skin cells from the harmful UV rays from your environment.
                        Action 2: Inhibit Tyrosinase from producing more melanin which is known for darkening skins.
                        Action 3: Inhibit activity of collagenase and elastase, which break down elastin upon exposure to the sun, pollution, stress, etc
                        Action 4: Speed up and encourage the production of new collagen and elastin in your skins.
                        Action 5: Immediate replenish lost collagen and elastin in your skins

                        What makes El Marino Blanc so effective?
                        El Marino Blanc is derived from the work of scientist and dermatologists, they’ve formulated a unique collagen drink that work, to give you long term protection with brightening and anti-aging advantage that keeps your skin firm and luminous.

                        With El Marino Blanc, your skins stay young, fair, and luminous.

                        **Oh btw, El Marino Blanc aids in weight loss too**

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                          If you want your skin to increase collagen, PM me for further details!