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  • Japonesque Brushes

    I'm tempted to get their brushes...

    Quoted from web:

    Japonesque? began by launching a unique collection of Lipstick Palette? kits, brushes and tools to a niche market of professional makeup artists in Los Angeles and New York. The products were so well received that is wasn't long before several of the company's products became an industry standard among the biggest names in film, television and fashion makeup.

    In recent years, professional makeup artists have begun to share their unique knowledge and skills with the public. This has resulted in a more sophisticated consumer and an increasing need for high quality makeup tools and accessories. To meet this need, Japonesque? has broadened its line from 15 items in 1984 to a current range of over 200 quality, stylish and highly sought-after makeup tools and accessories for the professional and novice alike.

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    I have one of their Foundation brushes and I think its pretty good!


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      I just got a set of these brushes! They are so soft and are very nice!

      I got the bronzer brush (kabuki like), travel angeled shadow, travel eye crease, travel brow definer, and the touch up tube!! Ulta has buy 2 get 1 free. My cousin says they are VERY nice! Can't wait to use them myself.


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        Japonesque Brushes

        Tempted to their brushes?

        anybody using them / got it fr this website? good? what's the shipping cost?
        Pls comment....

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