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  • Oxygen Treatment!!!

    i've seen wondrous results with oxygen facial but oxygen products? 1st time i've heard of it...wonder if its good.

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    Oxygen in the air is pretty stable ... the theory isn't even sound. For oxygen facials, I think the cool stream of air forcing serums into the skin acts like ultrasonic waves which enable the active ingredient to be carried into the dermis by the path of least resistance. Without the physical force, I don't think it does anything much. They just use oxygen cos' it sounds better than air, and they can charge a bundle for it. Oxygen itself is bad for the skin. Think putting hydrogen peroxide on the skin - that decomposes to oxygen and water, but in the process would cause lotsa damage. I wouldn't put much faith in the latest gimmick. It's just a fad.


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      Oxygen botanical product and oxygen treatment per session 180 dollar


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        i like karin herzog's oxygen cream (vit-a-combi 2 - 2% oxygen). it's actually benzoyl peroxide, the stuff that u bleach your hair with, but in smaller concentration. good for calming down breakouts, soothing cystic acne and general healing.


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          I have tried one oxygen body treatment at the "spa-lon".
          not much effect. even if there is, it is only temporary. definitely not worth the money.