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Long lasting perfumes?

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  • Long lasting perfumes?

    hi, anyone can recommend the perfume that can last long~??

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    Maybe you can tell us what kind sof scent you like. Then maybe easier to do some recommendations from there.

    Have you tried EDP? They last longer than EDT.


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      I've tried lancome miracle, ck be, burberry weedend. estee lauder green tea, all cannot last too long~~

      i like the fragrance which is more ladies 1~~hehe


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        Yup. EDP and Parfum will last longer than EDT. Or you can try layering by using the shower gel, then body lotion before spraying on the fragrance.

        Applying fragrance on pulse spots will make it last longer too. E.g., behind the ears, base of neck, wrists, inner elbows, back of knees, etc. Lastly you can spray into the air, and walk through the mist so that you will be lightly fragranced.


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          fresh, ozonic scents generally don't stay v long. musk based scents tend to last longer. also you need to look at the perfume type. is it EDT, EDC, EDP or Parfum?

          the scents you've listed are all not v strong smelling.

          and "i like the fragrance which is more ladies 1~~hehe" doesn't really tell anyone at all what type of scents you like.

          p.s.: to be honest, i hate it tremendously when girls go around DROWNED in perfume and you get knocked back by the scent.
          much nicer to have just a hint of a light waft. hope that's not what you mean by 'strong scent'.


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            I like Anna Sui's Sui Dreams. The scent is very sweet and can be seen as overpowering to some. I just need 2 light sprays and can last me for the whole day.


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              eternity moment

              anyone tried eternity moment?? is it lasting?


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                posting the same question about the same point in different threads isn't going to get you any results. i have merged the thread you created for eternity moment with this one as it is too similar

                in the future, before posting up new threads, do use the function (located near the top of the page) to see if there's anything similar already okie?

                also, you haven't answered the few questions posed here in your own thread.
                WHAT do you mean by 'lasting'?????
                and WHAT type of perfumes do you like????
                without any prior knowledge, i doubt any of the other cotters here can help you in your quest.


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                  aiya.. paiseh paiseh.thanks for you remind!!

                  i like the scent like eternity and my lasting means other ppl still can smell it~~hehe after maybe 6-8 hours


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                    For me, Annick Goutal is long lasting. In fact i can still smell traces of my Petite Cherie even after i handwash my cardigan.

                    Anyway, i think it would be a better idea to just use your fave scent and decant it into a small vial. And you can bring it out with you and "touch-up" anytime.


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                      Unlike Ponine, Annick Goutal's hardly last on me- they tend to disappear after 20min and I don't know why cos I love them so
                      I think how long perfumes persist depends on individual body chemistry as well as whether it's EDP, parfum or EDT.
                      Naturally the higher concentration perfumes last longer:

                      PRODUCT INFORMATION

                      What is the difference between a perfume and a perfume oil?
                      The following is a rough guide to the differences between the strength categories of scents --
                      Eau fraiche: 3% or less perfume oil.
                      Eau de cologne: 2 - 5% perfume oil.
                      Eau de toilette: 4 - 10% perfume oil.
                      Eau de parfum: 8 - 15% perfume oil.
                      Perfume: 15 - 25% perfume oil.
                      Perfume oil: 15 - 30% perfume oil.
                      Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Perfume oil: 85 - 100% perfume oil.

                      The oil I bought smells different on me than it does on Cindy Lou. Why?
                      Body chemistry, skin pH, diet, age, natural body odor ? all these variables (and more) affect the body?s affinity for a scent blend.


                      And perfumes you hate tend to last the longest :roll:


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                        Flower by Kenzo last pretty long for me.

                        i read somewhere *** for different body temperature and body scent, different perfume will last for a different amt of time.. so gotta find one *** suits u the best..


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                          tommy girl freedom lasts long!


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                            i think tommy girl's fragrances are quite long lasting!

                            and i guess it also depends on the part of the body u spray the perfume on. i usually spray some on my hair. it really helps. but of course, that means, must wash your hair after you got home. if not it gonna get real itchy


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                              I read from a magazine stating that Scents are retained for a longer time on oily skin, so apply a layer of petroleum jelly (eg : Vaseline) onto your skin before putting on your perfume.