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Touching up your makeup

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  • Touching up your makeup


    Just wonder how many times you will touchup lipstick during working or studying.

    For me, very 1st time when going to work, during mid morning after staining my cup for coffee and water, after lunch, once in the afternoon and the final time when leaving office - altogether 5 times! isit too much touchup?

    But if we wear full makeup yet the lips are pale (without lipstick) or left slight shades of our lipstick (after staining our cup) don't we look awful?? :huh:

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    everytime i eat, i wipe it off and touch up after

    same for coffee and alcohol
    they dont mix well with lippies, IMHO!


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      so in a day you will touch up how many times??


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        definately more than 5 times!


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          I only touch up when i happen to go to the ladies.

          Most of the times, i dun bother about it.


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            I don't use lipstick, but I guess lipglosses are less lasting than that

            I will apply once before I step out of the house before work.
            After which, I will just apply a coat of tinted lipbalm to last me throughout the day. Unless I am going out after work, then I will bother to apply lipgloss again


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              Originally posted by ponine
              I only touch up when i happen to go to the ladies.
              You're really joking, right??

              I seldom ever either. Moreover, I think people with dark lips face a problem with lip shades that're nudish or much paler than their natural lip colour. In addition, sometimes certain food cause the lips to swell a little (possibly spices or whatever), so, touchingup means a lot of work as I'd need to cover the rim of the mouth plus the lips with powder so that the new lipcolour won't feather.

              Cracked lips makes it even harder to do!


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                Heh why do you sound so astonished Cheng? I touch up only when I can remember to which is usually in the ladies!

                I sometimes can't be bothered really...Its troublesome, so I take my tinted lip balms that give sheer colour so I can apply without a mirror, and even that is seldom...

                btw: I love the new smilies! :yaya: :Doh: okay shall stop fooling around with them! They are new right? I'm usually quite


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                  Cos I was wondering how many time Ponine goes to the washroom in a day! I sure hope she does that more than 5 times a day.. it wasn't about the touching up bit!


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                    :huh: most times i don't bother to touch-up. Unless i go for appointment or visits outside office. I got in car & do it at the very 1st traffic light stop. I just whip out my lipstick, any how apply. if i forgot to do so, i do it i the lift before my destination. i nv have the patient to apply properly in front of the mirror. Even in the morning, after powder, e/s, mascara, i leave my house, while going down the stairs then i ching chye colour my lips.

                    Pure lazy, i also don't touch up my powder. Hee... me greasy person

                    i started a new bad habbit, apply mascara base, reach office then apply mascara. cut down drying time. & i luv to go round flutter my disgusting horrible white clumping lashes , happy happy then go ladies, again ching chye apply one coat of black mascara.

                    One word : :shout: HOPELESS


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                      hey from what you ladies mentioned here i think i overdo it...apply 5 times in a day.....

                      but i got pale lips thus if my lipstick is gone i look damn funny with "colours" on my face except my lips! unless the day i did not apply makeup whole face pale then people will come asking me you sick? :Doh:


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                        I must be the only weirdo here, but I never touch up. I don't even carry a tube of lippie with me in my bag.

                        I'm just too lazy to remember to do so, so I just walk about lipstick-less after it wears off.


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                          Originally posted by Glossie

                          Cos I was wondering how many time Ponine goes to the washroom in a day! I sure hope she does that more than 5 times a day.. it wasn't about the touching up bit!
                          LOL you are funny.

                          What i really meant is i only touch up when it's convenient to do so. I dun go out of the way to do it. really.


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                            This is an interesting thread for me because I've been asking people this question too!
                            For me, lipstick/gloss just never seem to be able to last on my lip for long...even if I dont eat, it just vanished on its own.
                            I dont touch up in public, so unless i go to the toilet, there is no opportunity to touch up. And I usually dont go to toilet that often :roll:


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                              Touch up like... 3 times or more a day? I can't stand having nude lips outside, cause I'm quite fair, plus my lips are pale too! Use gloss most of the time.