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    Has anyone tried this company for facial or massage?
    Are they pushy and are the services good?
    I am thinking of trying them out but I am afraid of being forced to sign a package after the initial trial...especially of the treatment is not to my satisfaction.

    Comments anyone?

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    I've only been to Inner Harmony at Far East Plaza for massages. The place is quite nice, it's actually under the ATOS group, which also runs Slimline.

    I went there twice during promotions, and both times was served by the consultant whom I know through my package signed at slimline. So I wasn't being harassed to sign up though they do have to go through the spiel of telling you about them.

    For therapist, Rose (a Malay) is very good. DON'T try May. Her style is very weird, and I don't feel relaxed after the treatment.