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    Your eyes are the most important. Think of your eyes being the nipples of your face. Eye liner and mascara. That's the most important. If I'm I a rush I always put those on. That's my Key to looking fab at 2am for work.


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      Originally posted by Butterscotch IceCream View Post
      Hello there,

      Sharing some of my beauty secrets for your reference.

      Background: I have combination/sensitive type of skin, fair, don't get tan easily (though I do get flushed cheeks when I'm under the sun for too long). Likes to keep my skin fair, clear and with a healthy glow. So here are some of the beauty regime I do.

      Skin Care

      1. Wash
      I use The Face Shop facial wash such as the Mung Bean or Aloe Vera type, because I always like to keep my face clean (pimple free) and yet moisturized so the above 2 facial wash is what I used daily.
      Mung Bean helps to remove the clogs in your pores, and cleanse your face (detoxify).
      Aloe Vera helps to moisturize your face, keeping the water/oil balance for your skin.
      These are mild cleansing wash, so it isn't too harsh to your skin.

      At least once a week, I will use facial scrub to get rid of dead skins, clear up the clogs, etc. I use The Face Shop Strawberry scrub, (any scrub works too) as long as it gentle enough and not too harsh.

      2. Tone
      In the past I used to use Neutrogena Toner, mild and gentle. It still works fine, just that I don't use them much nowadays. Toner is to remove any other oil/dirt, tone up your skin a little and prepare your skin for moisturizer.

      3. Moisturizer
      I'm using Hada Labo. Because it is so rich in moisture, hence I skip toner sometimes. Basically, I just drop 1-2 drops on my palm and pat it on my face till it is absorbed. It may leave a sticky feeling at first, but once it dries up, you can feel your skin more bouncy.

      If you are always under harsh cold climate (going for tour in Hokkaido/snowy place or constantly under air con), do try SK II Miracle Water. It is really really good, though it is quite ex. I recommend using this if your skin is dry type.

      4. Pimple Cream
      Yes, I have little pimples (those tiny ones) so don't really like them growing on my face. I strongly recommend Benzac. There are 2.5%, 5%, 10%. Depending on your skin, choose the % accordingly, such as fairly good skin, just some pimples occassionally - suggest you use 2.5%, if you have more serious pimples use 10%.

      5. Sunblock
      Lastly, always use a sunblock. In weather like SG, (and if you don't like to carry a umbrella all the time), it is a good practice to always use a sunblock. I'm using Biore (Pink version) for sunblock, as it gives a radiant glow as well. Love this and it is not sticky, it leaves a powdery finish. I've used Kiss Me Sunkiller too in the past, until it was somehow discontinued. Not sure if you can find them at Isetan now, but if you do, try that too, it has good blocking, without feeling oily.
      Tip: Always get a sunscreen with a good SPF at least 25, PA++.

      End of the day, always drink enough water (not necessary 8 glass everyday, as long as you take water regularly and don't feel dry in your throat, that is good enough. Good to drink warm water instead of cold water (water temp same as your body will be the best) as it helps regulate your body moisture lost, and flush out your toxins in your body.

      Sleep well/enough 8 hours is the preferred, if not at least you feel well-rested.

      Okay, that's a bit long on Skin Care (sorry). I will share more on cosmetics, etc if anyone wants to know more.

      Thanks for sharing


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        Daily bathing and yoga for 1 an hour is my top secret


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          Me too I love my eyes. I taken care my lashes. I love curling and put a little blush on. Makes me beautiful!


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            Having enough sleep is very important, drinking enough water is just as well. Eating fruits and vegetables are an important part of our daily diet as it contains vitamins and minerals which our body needs. My doctor told me to eat at least two kinds of fruits everyday, and five kinds of vegetable.


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              Emb magic potion

              Action 1: Protect your skin cells from the harmful UV rays from your environment.

              Action 2: Inhibit Tyrosinase from producing more melanin which is known for darkening skins.

              Action 3: Inhibit activity of collagenase and elastase, which break down elastin upon exposure to the sun, pollution, stress, etc

              Action 4: Speed up and encourage the production of new collagen and elastin in your skins.

              Action 5: Immediate replenish lost collagen and elastin in your skins.
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                I always put sunscreen, drink lots of water and eat fruits and veg.

                Heard that what you eat will show up in your skin, but it's so hard to resist resist bubble tea and fried food


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                  Hi ladies.

                  I'm selling Meiji Amino Collagen Drink: 6 x 75ml Bottles at $24.90 (Worth $34).
                  Reason selling because was too greedy and brought too much.

                  Collagen Drink is a beauty drink for basic beauty food for youthfulness and beauty.
                  It has a Refreshing lemon flavour with sweet and sour taste (SO NO WORRIES IT WILL TASTE AWFULL) )
                  •No sugar added (0% fats)
                  •Chill it and shake before drinking
                  •Fish-derived collagen; 1.5 times more easily absorbed than pig-derived collagen
                  •Daily intake of collagen (5000mg) in a bottle
                  •Easy and enjoyable to drink
                  •Soluble and easily absorbed collagen peptide
                  •Superb blending of collagen with carefully selected ingredients: Fish collagen 5000mg + Amino Acid (Arginine) 450mg + Glucosamine 60mg + Vitamin C 50mg
                  •Each spoonful (about 7g) contains about 27kcal only; suitable for consumption even on low-calorie diet
                  •Helps supplement collagen levels, which decrease quickly after age 20
                  •Can be taken any time of the day
                  •Capacity: 75ml per bottle; each box contains 6 bottles
                  •Product contains wine (below 0.3%)

                  ***If Interested, please pm me @ 81003420 )


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                    i have to admit that when i was younger, i was not really giving my skin the best care it deserves. That is why i am reaping the results now that i got older, but it doesn't mean that there is nothing i can do about it.For those, like me, are a little bit late in the game i would suggest medical aesthetic treatments. They can come rather expensive, but i would vouch for their effectiveness. With all these modern science around us its good that they have developed so many tools to help you beat the signs of aging. i had thermage cpt done just last month at the hair and laser clinic. today, i can tell you that my facial skin has definitely improvved. I noticed it tightening and smoothened. now i want my neck and hands to look the same, but i guess that would be for some other time. so i guess that would be my secret.


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                      I have shared my experience of the problem skin I have on my blog:
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                        Using the right skincare is also very important. It helps to maintain the skin elasticity, gives it more glow, firm up the skin, and gives a more youthful look which everyone of us would like to have. So splurging on skincare is something which I think it's really very important.


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                            For me is taking care of my skin, it is like the important routine.


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                              Lots of water, balanced diet, enough sleep and using proper skincare.