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    Anyone got any good facial places to recommend? I am looking for one that is good, not pushy and pay as I use.

    I do not want to sign up for any package. Thanks!

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    Re: Facial Recommendation?

    Originally posted by diwi66 View Post
    Anyone got any good facial places to recommend? I am looking for one that is good, not pushy and pay as I use.

    I do not want to sign up for any package. Thanks!

    How about any good facial to recommend in the East other than Bella and Leonard Drake?


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      I go to Celevenus at The Central above Clarke Quay MRT. Friendly & relax environment...


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        I usually have my facial at Bioskin. Not bad eh. Compare to some other brands, Biosin's reputation is kinda good. They are holding a contest on their facebook, saw it the other day. I already submitted and now finger-cross. Win their Skin Rebirth will be really shiok haha. If you wanna join too, you can use this link


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          Guess all depends on your budget.


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            I'm letting go of my facial package from Kalo beauty as I am posted overseas and won't be returning to Singapore for the next few years. I have been a customer of Kalo beauty since 2008 (back in my uni days) and I must say that their service is very good!

            I don't have much problem with acne (except nearing my period). However, I suffer from alot of oil clogs and comedones at my t zone area. My beautician is Gladys from the Tampines branch, and she's really meticulous. I would say that 95% of my whiteheads and blackheads are removed each time. As for the rest, she won't forcefully extract out as they are not ripe yet and she mentioned that using too much force will hurt the skin.

            Package: revitalising facial package x10 Times
            1. cleansing
            2. double cleansing
            3. scrub
            4. steam
            5. extraction
            6. collagen eye treatment (eye mask and massage)
            7. collagen mask - this mask is really good! My face isn't that red after leaving the salon
            8. Eyebrow plucking
            9. Shoulder and massage

            I have tried other facial salons before (beyond beauty, jill beauty, home salons etc) and I always come back to Kalo beauty. Bought my package at $680, willing to let go at $580. They have 2 branches.... Tampines and yishun.
            Please pm me or contact me at 90590342 if you're interested or require more info! Thanks.


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              I doing the facial myself. I learn how to do the facial and products knowledge. I believe care at home is most important than salon facial. we can go salon do facial one a month to clean up the black head or use the beauty machine. But we also need care our skin everyday. that why I very pay attention to care my skin everyday.


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                Use quality cosmetics to have your skin good looked.
                I mean such as pure chimp natural super cream as it consists of 100% naturals and its price isn't high.


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                  My mum is doing facials etc on her own at affo

                  My mum is doing facials at $40 no packages at your home u can reach her @81778092


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                    my mum is doing facials at your home @$40 -no packages-u can contact her @81778092


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                      What exactly does she do?


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                        Originally posted by diwi66 View Post
                        Anyone got any good facial places to recommend? I am looking for one that is good, not pushy and pay as I use.

                        I do not want to sign up for any package. Thanks!
                        I provide facial spa services and packages. You can either choose to do a one-time spa or get a package.

                        For your info, the package is more for home self-care (persobal homr package).

                        If you're interested in either the one-time service or package, you can just email me at [email protected] for bookings or enquiries.


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                          I just went for a facial session at a home-based salon at Tampines. Reco by my gf. Many raved abt it incld her but I thought it was so-so. Too much to write here, so documented it in my blog
                          Tried Essential Glow and eye treatment for my dark circles...
                          Hope this helps! :D


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                            Here to share my experience in My Cozy Room Boutique Spa.

                            Was working for them for a wedding event and the boss offered me a free massage and facial before the event so I'll be able to get a feel of it. She believes that her employees should trust in the services and products we are providing before we begin to sell to others. I'm one lucky girl to work under her, even if it's only a few days! 

                            First up, massage. I had a hot stone massage therapy and what sets them apart is that they actually use the hot stones to sort of do a "gua-sha" on the back and shoulder area. Other places just place the stones along the spinal cord so I was quite surprised when the therapist did that. The massage was definitely relaxing and refreshing, a perfect perk-me-up I'd say. Please try!! 

                            Next, facial. Although I felt kinda skeptical bout the facial (had a really bad and painful experience in Bioskin previously), I still went ahead.. Since it's free, why not right? Typical Singaporean! The lady boss, Celine was really sincere in helping me with my skin condition. She reviewed my skin before the facial and was dead honest with me. My skin condition was so clogged up and dirty due to the daily make-up I pile on. She then went on to explain how the different products I'm using have resulted in worsening the already polluted skin. We then went on to the treatment itself and another round of analysis after cleansing off all the make-up - I had a deep-cleanse moisturizing facial as my skin was very dehydrated. 

                            Throughout the whole facial I was really scared that the extraction would be painful and leave me reddish marks after but the really patient therapist, Jasmine, reassured me again and again that it won't. Thank you for making me feel at ease mentally <3 <3 <3 The extraction process was no feat at all to my amazement! I was dozing off throughout~ The serene environment and calming music made me feel so calm and sleepy. Jasmine was very skillful and she told me that the dirt has to extracted in the "direction" it went into the pores, thus resulting in minimal pain. Awed by her professionalism throughout the whole therapy. 

                            I feel like I found my haven here! Loving the dainty floral decor of the place, the ambiance, the therapists, the treatment itself! All I can say is I'm so impressed I'm now a loyal customer of theirs. 

                            Here's their address! It’s very easy to find, just behind Paragon. 

                            My Cozy Room Boutique Spa
                            56A Cairnhill Road
                            Singapore 229667

                            Opening hours: 
                            Mon-Fri: 11am-9pm
                            Sat & Sun: 10am-8pm

                            Tel: 6732 0030


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                              Am also here to share my experience with Immanuel Beauty & Wellness.

                              I would definitely recommend their Total Hydro Facial Treatment Soft Mask treatment, my face feel soft and supple after the treatment
                              What's more!! I think i also want to try their slimming, pain relief and facelifting treatments as they use non invasive &
                              safe korean Supersonic 7million waves Machine. FIRST of its kind in Singapore

                              You can call them to make your appointment as below

                              Immanuel Spa Franchisee
                              181 Kitchener Road, #06-11 (PARKROYAL HOTEL), Singapore 208533
                              Look for Jasniyati Jaffar @ Hp 82456879 or call 66816585
                              Advanced booking is necessary.

                              Now they are having this promotion which is extended and go try them out to avoid disappointment!

                              Deep cleansing/Hydrating Facial (90mins) $38 UP$68 & above
                              Body Scrub, Relaxing body massage &
                              scalp massage (90mins) $98
                              Tummy Trim (30mins) $38
                              Weekday Promo (Tue, Wed or Thurs only)
                              Relaxing Body Massage 60mins $48

                              OR you can also contact

                              Kemi Wellness
                              92 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088513
                              Tel: 63237117

                              They are having this Super Special Promotion!!! Buy 1 Get 2 FREE!
                              Choose from 5 services, each service only $29.35

                              I think i am going to try their foot spa