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  • Shimmer/Glitter cream e/s

    Hey gals, any recs for shimmer eyeshadow from any brand? preferably in cream form?

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    try Inuovi...


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      Get Loreal cream eyeshadow (the come in tubes like masacra). They are really glittery, especially the pastel colours.

      Oh, Kose Eye Fantasist Cream shadow are also very shimmery. They have a special edition pack (pink and silver eyeshadow) for Christmas


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        Second the Inuovi creamy texture one. It's called Eyepaint.
        Abt $18-$20 per pot.
        Texture is easy to blend AND lasting.


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          YA...value for $$ and some of the glittering e/s also very nice.... go check it out...


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            vonnie, the other night i tried on the kose one but its my friend's one..she told me its from kose....should be the same one u mentioned..its called "Kose Eye Fantasist Cream shadow " ??? Any idea how much it cost? the "bottle" is like triangular odd shaped i dont know how to describe...hee....its very nice!! very shimmery....

            I nuovi have nice shimmery shadows? i shall check it out!!

            thanks gals for the info....


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              stila mousse pots, mac paints?


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                aaah im so lemming for the kose Eye Fantasist Cream shadow ... gonna go check it out later!!!! ahhaah....

                Does it look weird with shimmery shadow in the day? i find it sort of highlight your eyes...makes them looks more "bright" and "alert".....

                Any colors for the day that won't look too dramatic? cream/gold is fine right? ahahah.....

                im so in love with shimmery stuffs....shiny shiny sparkling sparkling


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                  stila moouse pot might cost too exp....ahha....

                  i think most of us canot even finish up the whole eyeshadow cream thing.....everytime u just need soo soo little and it is able to spread...they should have a mini version of them....ahhaha.....


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                    Originally posted by cUppucino
                    vonnie, ..its called "Kose Eye Fantasist Cream shadow " ??? Any idea how much it cost? the "bottle" is like triangular odd shaped i dont know how to describe...hee....its very nice!! very shimmery....
                    Yes, that is the one. The regular colours are $37 each. The set of 2 colours (pink and silver) and something else which I cannot remember.... lipstick perhaps?... cost $80 IIRC.


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                      i bought the xmas chandelier set!! so lovely!!

                      Yeap it consist of a pink and a silver EYE fantasist and a lip palette consisting of 4 lovely lip colors!! @ just 69$....

                      the normal price for eye fantasist is at 39 my set is very worth it.....looks good! the shimmers

                      tried the loreal one...but doesnt look as creamy and shimmery....more big pieces of i sucks at description


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                        I quite liked the texture of Missha's Shine Shadow Sticks and wonder how they compare to those mentioned here (L'Oreal). I tested them on the hand and found them quite creamy.


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                          is the loreal ones creamy? maybe all those i tried are all quite dried up! ahahah...

                          YEAP! i got myself the missha eye shadow purple. its lovely!!! with glitters..... cheap as well 7.90$


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                            I tried both Loreal's and Missha's.
                            Personally I think Loreal's much more creamier than Missha's and the former has colours that stand out more.
                            Missha's are drier upon application and you need to apply a few strokes across your lids to get the colour out.
                            Wrt durability of their colours, I'd say Loreal's are much better.
                            You can only see Missha's glitters from the E/S left on your lids after a few hours whereas, Loreal's still can be seen after 4 hours, but colour fades.

                            I tried Stila's E/S Mousse pot yesterday and I must give a thumbs up to this.
                            Nice colours and good staying power.
                            Colours show up nicely.

                            But would very much prefer its E/S glaze stick (packaging very similar to their lip glaze) than the mousse pot.
                            A pity they have very limited colours on that.

                            But still, a good buy IMHO.



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                              i'm gonna try out the stila moose pot hee....

                              BTW i just used my kose EYE fantasist for the day it..i love the shimmers.....wondering if putting on shimmers for the day look is too exagerrated? but i only put a little.....find that it brightens up the eye area....hee