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    Another new Korean cosmetics/skincare

    But more expensive & messy than the 1st two

    Shop is in a mess!!! But packaging are quite cute.

    I didn't buy anything as i was there about 10.30pm, no mood.

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    is this also at Bugis junction? suddenly all the hype in korean makeup following missha and TFS popularity. Hope there are more to come and hopefully some price war and only we consumers stand to gain. (doesn't it remind u of budget airlines?) LoL!


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      Located at Cineleisure Orchard, B1-08.

      Doesn't look as pro as TFS. Their nail colour bottles are same as Missha's.
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        Was there today but too early, shop not officially open.
        What's the price range like?


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          The swirl lipgloss in the first pic is soooo cute!!
          The nail polish looks like pails of paints. Heeee...


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            some review for Do Do product

            Do Do has been around for a while in Korea.

            well, my first lose powder was from Do Do (red case-Palgantong Original Leichner Theatrical Blending Powder) so so quality ;
            But one of most popular souvenir for Japanese female tourist beside kim chi many years back. wonder why..

            Anyway, I like Missha better. Only item i would buy from there is Do Do Chic(?) mascara. it makes my lash LONG and hold the curl well. Glad i don't have to ask my cousin to buy & post it to SG anymore


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              Sorry, was in a rush so didn't get the prices very right. I hit & run on few items, if wrong, don't me ok?

              Lip gloss tube is 9.90.

              Lip gloss pot 11.90 to 13.90.

              Mascara are like 11.90

              Sheet mask is 2.90

              Tube Gel mask 9.90

              Assorted range of funny skincare from 10 bucks onwards.

              :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:


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                Dodo club? okay don't hit me but for a minute i was thinking about the extinct birds.. but yes, dodo probably means something else in korean.


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                  Jo, u are really funny, just like me but i restraint, don't want risk teoh summons from CC crew ah.

                  Or DoDo Fishball Shop? DoDo Durian Cake!? :booty:
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                    vernis, u are one funny lady!!
                    i like....


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                      Caramel mel ah! i happen to read 2 old threads u contributed. u ah!another gaoxiao one.. i just dare not spell out. now u sprung out, i catch u also!!! :booty:


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                        kekeke... i like the name u got for me "Caramel mel". LoL!

                        if this goes on, we sure will get lotsa summons. hahahaha...


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                          Pronounce : Carame'ow meow

                          Ok, beta stop.

                          The shop still has ample space towards the back part, wonder if they setting another product line (by same boss).

                          The next time i pop by then i get their items. No lemming attack so far as all too messy, see also no mood get.


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                            I think the tube mask seems not bad. Anyone knows how much are the Stila-look-alike eyeshadow? The cover looks cute. Reminds me of US Sally brand.


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                              did you guys see this?

                              are those eyeshadows or lipgloss in cupcake form? how cute!!!

                              wow so many korean beauty shops have sprung up, i have not yet to visit Missha and TFS! i'm a mountain turtle!