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  • Er.. Sugarbean, if you'd read Page 9, Vernis mentioned there was a recall of the lip products. That was last week.

    So are the e/s back from re-labelling? The lippies? Just what ARE they selling now?


    • :eh: seriously, they are taking all too long, any one reacted badly to their stuff that warrant the recall? Fishy!!!

      I really hope & pray no major, serious case here even though i am not a user.

      Powder, N/P, some skincare still around, significant reduction in skincare range actually. Shop is pretty bare & spacious as two island-opentop display case are gone.

      Their supermarket sells cheap cute stationery. much cheaper than my earlier purchases from MiniToon & kiosk.


      • hi vernis, you meant the supermarket from where?.can repeat again? thanks!


        • Not vernis but tryne: the supermarket can just be found at the back of Dodo Club.

          Oh yes, I went last week Saturday no lip gloss at all, SA said stock will only be coming in this week? Any reviews?


          • hi pinkqueen, thanks! may check out there this weekend.


            • u sure got catch cute teddybear stationeries one i know!!!!


              • Thats what I think so too. She said the stickers isnt correctly pasted or whatever and it sounds weird...... how come it take so long to paste them? and i thought these are pasted by the company staff? or she meant not labelled correctly and need to reprint? then again, so long?


                • Originally posted by Glossie
                  Er.. Sugarbean, if you'd read Page 9, Vernis mentioned there was a recall of the lip products. That was last week.

                  Sorry, I don't have the time to read through every post cos i surf through this site at work. Usually I just click on the last few posts made button.


                  • Hey, don't fret, and no apologies, please Hope you didn't make any wasted trip if you'd known sooner from here!

                    Better call them up prior before heading down there!


                    • hey vernis, can't wait to see the cute teddybear stationeries you mentioned!


                      • sobb.... i paid about 50% more their retailed prices at kiosks.

                        some items gone, left boxes when i was there, flying fast!!


                        • I finally made my maiden trip there today! Definitely tempted to try out their stuffs, looks good! The best thing is I like their price, value for money
                          Didn't have time to buy anything yet but will go back again when I have time to shop slowly. I thought I better come back & read up in cc before making any purchases


                          • I went there again after a long time of absence!

                            One down side is that I don't understand what
                            are the products used for even though I read the labels.
                            And i don't see any blusher lookalike product.
                            Either their packaging is very different or it's just me!!

                            Anyone else experience the same thing?
                            i always step out of the shop wondering
                            what are the products i saw.

                            But, i can't resist myself and bought this pretty
                            anna sui lookalike mirror for $7.50!!
                            (will upload pic soon!)

                            And their website has no English translation.

                            Right now they have some sale and their
                            tube masks have 20% discount which is $7.90
                            after discount. so tempted to try their honey
                            peel off mask.
                            Any rants/raves about it?
                            I tried their Susemi Mask Pack and I like it!


                            • I only bought the above 3 lipglosses coz of their cute packaging.
                              Other than that, haven't bought anything else.


                              • Eyebrow Pencil

                                I just got the eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown. There're 3 shades of brown: Grey Brown and the last being Light Brown (I think!).

                                It's just like Missha's except Dodo's has a spool brush to tidy the brows. It's easy to use. Just draw using short feather strokes. I've never used Shu's hard formula brow pencil but have heard enough that one won't use anything else after Shu. I guess it's due to the fact the lead is hard? The one (other) thing great about this one is that no sharpening is required.

                                Read Paphio's take on the pencil: