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  • HOTD- Hair of the Day

    Just permed today. Very happy with the results

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    Maybe you want to state what colors did you use? I like your cheek color in the first photo And your eyebrows!

    I don't think it's possible to upload more than one photo per post. Maybe you want to upload your photos to a image host (example,, then use [IMG] to hotlink to your photos. This way you can post more than one photo per post. HTH


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      I like your brows! Beautiful.


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        Hi Agnes,

        Did you perm your hair? I remember u had straight hair when i saw u at Orchard mrt for old navy meetup. Hmm... some how i feel you are much pretties in person. I'm not saying the pics not nice, don't get mistaken k? Definitely real person sweeter.

        Anyway, it's always good to see new faces on CozyPlay. I admit I got no courage to do that.


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          Thanks gals for your comments

          Candeecake, thanks for your tip! Will do that next time

          esumi, I always plucked the brows myself. I try not to thin it too much and in that pic, I colour it with eyeshadow.

          Val, yes I permed my hair but thats already about two months ago When I met you I didnt have much makeup on. Maybe I look better with less makeup? But I've always known that I am not photogenic =)

          The colours on my face are:
          Cheeks: MAC Pinkswoon
          Eyes: MAC Hepcat, Pinkfreeze, retrospeck plus brown liner and Lo'real mascara
          Lips: Combi of Stila Mable and Bloom Cosmopolitan
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            Hello agnes,

            Somehow, i feel that the make up u did looked much better than the MAC makeover.

            U look really nice with the colors for your first 3 photos! Pretty!


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              your brows are exactly what i want this season!!!! OUCH!!! you have such clear skin. the colors all look so naturally fresh on you & you look great!!

              your e/s applicaton seem so well blended & smooth!! whats the secret???


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                Hmm .. aren't you supposed to be in HK? Shopping with Saresha? *jealous*


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                  Yeah.. beautiful eyes... wowww.......


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                    Pinkswoon looks so natural on you
                    More FOTD, more!


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                      Pretty pretty!!!! Your blending is so good!!! Love it.. must agree, the MAC makeover is not half as nice as what u normally do girl,,, MOre please


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                        the sunlight effect enhanced your lovely makeup even more! :D Nice!


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                          Pretty! I love your makeup and hair! Your glass door looks like mine!!


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                            Thanks all the lovely gals for your lovely comments

                            SMOKEYeyes, wow coming from you that's great compliment!
                            but er...clear skin?? erm...u have to verify that with cotters who have met me. I asked my SO why its so deceiving and he credited it to his digicam :roll:

                            Karen, hehe... I am going to HK tomorrow. Will try to meet up with saresha there.

                            Jemay, that door is my toilet door hee...I just learnt that my toilet has the best lighting for taking pics

                            Hopefully will have more success when I come back from trip to post more pics hehe :yaya:
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                              no worries dear!! your indeed has clear nice skin... as for the credit.. hahahaha,, let him win ya? cheers
                              WOW!! shopping trip in HK ya?? so unfair!!

                              hey jemay.. you look so nice & sweet in your new avatar!