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pink/peach eyeshadow recommendations

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  • pink/peach eyeshadow recommendations

    any nice pinkish or peachy eyeshadow colours or brands to recommend? TIA!

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    shimmery? matte? any brands/budget in particular? are you going to use them as a wash or on your lid or as a liner? we would need to know more if we were to give recommendations qian!

    maybe you'd like to read thru the following threads & narrow down your list from there? another good idea would be to surf the official websites & check out the colour descriptions & look for pictures in CozySnap or MUA (cause most of the "official photos" aren't that fantastic) & then do a search on MUA and CC for reviews. hth your search!

    MAC Eyeshadows
    Shu Uemura
    MAC Pigments
    Urban Decay
    Stila Cosmetics


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      If you have patience to wait, MAC look like they're going to release a collection called High Tea which is full of gorgeous peachy shades which may be ideal for you.

      Have a look here


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        MAC has a very nice shimmery peach - Naked Lunch. Very pretty.


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          Who about Expensive Pink from Mac. I've been lemming for this one and will get it soon. Very nice peachy-pink colour


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            i saw a post like this on MUA!


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              One of my favourite combo is to blend pink, peach and brown e/s.

              Peach - has to be MAC Melon pigment.

              Pink - I Nuovi Fever or if you are daring, the brigh Fuschia from Biotherm. I Nuovi Plum (magenta pink, beautiful)

              If I want a smokier or heavier look, I will just shade in a coppery or red-tone brown.

              Took a picture of it during the weekend... let's see when I can upload it :late: