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  • ERA Face Spray on Foundation

    The first patented, aerosol, oil-free foundation to give all skin types a flawless, professional airbrush application without a machine. This concealer, foundation, lash builder, and lip primer all in one provides a powderless, wear- and water-resistant finish. ERA Cosmetic Puff and Headband included

    courtesy of Sephora

    i first came across ERA when i was an active member at MMU. the owner, Nancy, used to rave about this and in turn, several members managed to lay their hands on this product. i've heard nothing but raves from them. apparently, it's so easy to use too. it comes in 10 shades. have always wanted to give this a try. has anyone given this a go? would love reviews and feedback.

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    sounds interesting Mich! thanks for sharing


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      I had it shipped all the way from USA to Australia a couple years ago, only to use it for a week and then send it back to someone else in the US as a swap cos' I hated it. Cost me US$55 for the foundation and US$15 for the shipping. And another US$10 for the swap. The application is uneven - it cannot compare to true airbrush systems at all, and you have to "buff" after spraying it on. That defeats the purpose of having an even application due to the atomized particles. The buffer sponge was very hard to clean and I had to throw it out at the end of the week because it made me break out as I couldn't get all the foundation/oils out. Color match was great though, but it wasn't truly transfer resistant. Finish was average - I have pretty good skin anyways and most foundations make me look picture perfect. If you like to try something gimmicky it's a great novelty. Otherwise just stick to liquid foundation. Not much difference. Just my


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        that bad huh? thanks for the review Aphrael.