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  • What are you allergic to?

    Intend to create a thread to summarize potential ingredients that might irritate skins.

    I am allergic to Ingredients like:
    -All chemical sunscreen, i.e. Otyl methoxycinnamate, PABA, Oxybenzone, Benzonphenone, Avobenzone etc

    I am allergic to Products like:
    -Clinique take the day off make up remover (reason still unknown)
    -Almost all Dermalogica products (contain chemical sunscreen)
    -All Baby Pink lip gloss (Benzonphenone)

    What will happen?
    When I am allergic to a product, I will get rashes, face swollen, peeling and it always take me at least 10 days to recover. which means I have to hide myself for 10 days

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    Might be a bit OT, but how do you know which chemicals or ingredients are the culprits? I am allergic to some stuff, but the doctor can't tell me which are the ingredients.

    I am allergic to Ingredients like:
    No idea what the chemical names are, but I am also allergic to fruit enzymes like papaya or olive.

    I am allergic to Products like:
    - Biotherm Age Fitness (most likely culprit is the active ingredient of olive)
    - Clinique lipsticks/lipglosses (the one that caused my lips to be allergic to all other lipstick/glosses)
    - most brands of lipsticks/glosses
    - Origins Never a Dull Moment (caused stinging sensation and redness to face)
    - Cetaphil Cleanser (caused rashes and itchiness to face/jawline)

    What will happen?
    The worst would be my lips when I use lipsticks/glosses. They will peel/flake, sometimes be so swollen it looked as if I got punched. It also emited liquid from the edge of the upper lip.

    For other parts of the face, the nostrils area will be peeling, still trying to find solutions to that. Doctors' prescribed creams didn't work after a while. Sometimes flakiness on the eyelids. Itchiness or rashes on face.


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      sigh i just went to see a dermatologist today and i've been diagnosed with mild eczema. the strange thing is that i don't have the typical "red rashes" so i guess mine must be really mild. the downside is he said i have sensitive and dry skin so i have to stop using toners with alcohol, creams containing AHA, and possibly whitening products too since they're quite harsh on the skin.


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        i'm allergic to work!!!


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          Caramel..mel! so notti!

          Any harsh cleansing agent, so no common bathe soap & dish detergent for me. Will form bubbles & blisters on my both middle fingers!! Then will take weeks to recover.


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            Hi Silvercloud,

   is difficult to find out the culprits. I learned it though a hard way. I have tested so many products in the market. At the beginning, I didn't know that it was due to the chemical suncreen, till same allergic reaction happened to my sister after she applied a suncreen. I then checked the ingredients of the products that caused me allergy reaction in the past and found out that 99% of them contained chemical suncreen/UV filter.For eg, I was allergic to all Dermalogica skin smoothing cream, barrier repair but I am okay with their Itensive Moisture Concentrate. I traced to their ingredients list and found out that SSM and BR has uv filter but none in IMC. It was a bad experince. The Leonard Drake SA kept insisting that their products suit sensitive skin. At the end, I sold all my Dermalogica almost new stuff at 50% off to a friend.


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              I thought I was the oddball. So, silvercloud is allergic towards Cetaphil too! This highly raved cleanser is...well...probably unsuitable for me, cos my cheeks turned red for days, and it was like I got sunburnt or something. Took me some time to recover.

              I'm allergic to alcohol ingredients as well. Could be the cetyl alcohol in the cleanser.

              St Ives Firming Mud Masque made my skin itch.

              Many cleansers turned my skin red or broke me out:
              - Shokubutsu Orange Peel Oil Cleanser
              - Olay Clarity
              - Kose Whitist Moisture White Wash
              - J&J Deep Action Cleanser
              - J&J cleanser (this one in a slim blue tube with fine beads in it)
              - Simple Refreshing Cleansing Gel

              ... and a few others I can't recall right now.

              I can't use Eversoft Blackhead Remover Gel too. I'll get breakouts. Don't know why? But that has stopped me from purchasing Ginvera Marvel Gel.

              Surprisingly my skin can tolerate Freeman's Avocado & Oatmeal mask. It sort of stings on some people. And considering the fact that I've got super sensitive skin, this mask is unexpectedly unreactive.


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                i've been doing 'research' on products meant for "sensitive skin" but i seriously doubt most people know what "sensitive skin" really is because i look at the ingredients and it seems to contain alcohols, fragrances and other chemicals. it seems like a lot of sensitive care products contain alcohols ?? are the alcohols necessary for something :huh:

                so hard to find a skincare line that's suited for people with really sensitive skin and prone to eczema/allergies. urgh! i've checked out dermalogica, dr hauscha, cetaphil, ole henrikksen etc (i thought they were more 'dermatologist'-designed lines) but i still have doubts over the suitability of their products.

                i guess we should start looking into some naturalistic company maybe Jurlique or something?


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                  Hi jo_ee~ Love your avatar!

                  Agree on the alcohol and fragrance.

                  Even brands like Avene put fragrances in their products. And it's off-putting and very strong. :roll: And when I asked the SA why, she told me that the ingredients smell like that NATURALLY. Double :roll:. I checked the list and saw that the fragrance was added in, not because the ingredients smelt like perfume naturally.

                  Maybe you want to try RoC. I've got super sensitive skin and I'm using that brand. There's alcohol in some of their products and I always ask why. My beauty advisor says that those alcohol ingredients are denatured so it's not so bad.


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                    Thanks celinne.

                    Isis, it is very misleading, right? That cetaphil is supposedly to be very gentle and good for sensitive skin yet we can't use it. I find that I tend to be allergic to anything that claimed to be "dermatologically tested" or something.

                    The article below probably explained why.
                    What do claims such as 'dermatologically tested' really mean?

                    And now I just found out P&J moisture lotion might not be suitable for me too and I just bought it after trying the sample


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                      Informative article, silvercloud!

                      Seems like every company's definition of "dermatologically tested" is not the same, neither is there a "standard" definition.

                      I agree that it is very misleading! Unless they actually provide the statistics and results, we don't really know if they actually tested and/or passed the tests.

                      On MUA, Cetaphil is a highly-raved (but also highly-ranted) item.. There are about 1000+ reviews.. but I do see alot of people loving this! I hate this product though. Argh. But then again, maybe just because my skin doesn't agree with it. It is working wonders for so many others.


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                        By the way, silvercloud, what's the moisture lotion doing to you?


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                          To work!!!!!!! And i can't take chilli!


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                            Isis, the moisture lotion is causing the skin around the nostrils area to peel very badly, with stains of blood too, after using it for less than 5 times. As if I had a very bad cold. Too drying I suspect. I've stopped it for a few days and now the skin seemed to be back to normal now.

                            But what was upsetting is that I tried the sample for 5-7 days, and it was alright then. So now I wonder if samples are really a good indicator of the products.


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                              That bad?
                              Maybe it's because of the amount used? Could it be that when you used the sample, each time you applied, you tend to apply less than when you are using it from the retail size?