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Skin Supplements: Imedeen, Refine, Intenz

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  • Skin Supplements: Imedeen, Refine, Intenz

    Anyone tried this? Or is there any one who's heard of side effects of this?

    Want to try this out.... but am worried about the possible side effects (if there's any)...

    Thanx in advance!

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    I tried this many years back. No effect on my skin after six months. I didn't see any side effects. May be some weight gain that's all. Imedeen has to be taken long term. Once you stop the medication, your skin will revert back to its original state.


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      Originally posted by meow123
      Imedeen has to be taken long term. Once you stop the medication, your skin will revert back to its original state.
      This is so true! When they launch this, I was doing a temp stint with the company & this is one thing they keep repeating over & over again where the backroom work was done!


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        i thought it sounded real good... well seems not....


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          I was told by my beautician Naturopath's Almon Fish oil is better Results at a lower price, $68 before GST each bottle at Guardian, Unity & watsons.

 to read more about this US pdt made in SG.

          my beautician's client took 2 bottles and skin became better - blemishes lessened alot, - read the website it claims that it can help with eye bags/shadows too besides improving complexion - I think 3 bottles are going for a promotional price . YOu have to take about 2 bottles to see results - like all supplements also actually.

          I took Imedeen about 5 yrs ago - could not see much diff but I was only 24 then so maybe not supposed to take it yet - anyway the pharmacist at Guardian told me before to take only when I am about 30 onwards so I did not repurchase.

          I think Zoe still looks old when you look at her up close-no offence, I like her as a star & as a person too. Maybe they found a good solution but tried to touch only the upper class market - now after so many years perhpas like products are sold much cheaply and this brand's really put to the test.
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            Actually, I am not supposed to take it yet too. 22 this yr.... But will be considering it an option in the future if its good. Would take it only after having children.... Dont wanna risk anything... though there doesnt seem to have much side effects.


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              Intenz Skin Activator pills

              anyone seen the commercial starring Pan Ling Ling introducing the Intenz pills for skin, anyone try it yet???
              i think it cost about a hundred bucks for a box.


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                Her skin looks fantastic now, but I think it was good all along? Wonder if it was actually the pills that contributed to it or just her skin?


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                  $128 for 1 month's supply. Tempted to get if its not for the price.
                  Anyway, Pan Lingling's face has always been very good.
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                    Her skin has been good all along, also, the pills have just been imported to Singapore... so I think its unlikely that she depended on it for a long period of time to solve her skin problems.


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                      I wonder if Imerdeen's better, whether Zoe Tay's skin has really improved due to consuming it.


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                        I heard that Imedeen is actually artificial hormones?? :huh:


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                          Originally posted by teiko
                          I heard that Imedeen is actually artificial hormones?? :huh:
                          Eek, that's not good, risks of breast cancer and other illnesses.

                          i tried to search for more info on Intenz and couldn't find any on ingredients and benefits. I wrote to LifePharm and they replied saying that Intenz was introduced to the US market 2 yrs ago & is meant for women above 25 yrs. Made from natural ingredients (didn't specify in email) and results should show between 8-12 weeks. Also said that it was approved by HSA (hehe). Brochure available at Watsons.


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                            Anyone has consumed it for 1 month?


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                              any promos $128 is alot to fork out for a supplement but for skincare its soso priced if it works. I am so tempted though. Age is catching up with me.

                              Says 8 major effects.

                              Skin Purification

                              Skin Repair & Regeneration

                              Skin Nourishment

                              Skin Moisturization

                              Skin FIrming

                              Skin Revitalization

                              Skin WHitening

                              Skin Protection aka - SPF

                              8 days to Visible IMprovement
                              8 Weeks to SKin Perfection

                              Clinical results after 6 weeks of consumption:-
                              31% increase in colleagen Production
                              62% Improvement in Skin Wrinkles
                              85% IMprovement IN SKin WHitening
                              93.5% Improvement in skin Elasticity
                              380% IMprovement in skin Moisture
                              400% INcrease in UV Protection

                              yess 380 & 400 I did not add in extra '0s' Gosh sounds too good to be true.

                              In my early Twenties I approached the Guardian Pharmacist to ask about Imedeen she asked my age & said forget it wait till I'm 30+ 1st. Am going to be 30 this year guess its time to start on something like this.

                              Does Robinsons sell this or any where i can get a discount Robinsons only 5% well its a $6.40 savings still.

                              Anyone wants to share 3 way we see if there's any improvement in 8 days?