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  • Kesalan Patharan News Updates

    Any news on whether KP would be coming out with a new season of eyeshadow trios? :huh:


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    Kesalan Patharan, Can it be ordered online somewhere?

    I have just discovered KP and I know it is not sold in the US. Is there anywhere on the internet where I can place an order.
    Thanks in advance.


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      I don;t think you can purchase them online. The only way you could get your hands on them is through swaps or custom purchases.


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        does KP have a GWP or specials or new items coming out in the month of july??

        ermmm..can i ask for recs here? like what are the best items to pick up?



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          Here's what I got from the KP mailer:

          KP Promo from 18th to 30th of June
          "with every purchase of KP Liquid Fdn, you'll receive:
          -Cell Drink 55ml
          -Sheer Micro Powder (travel size)
          -Water Defense (trial)
          -Perfect Cleansing Oil (trial)
          -Black KP drawstring bag

          Water Defense - a "skin shelter" Essence SPF27 PA++ $60
          Waterdefense is designed to shield your skin from all external aggressions, guarding against dryness, UV rays & polluted air ... is able to repel sweat & oil while maintaining the skin's moisture ...

          I am actually considering getting the fdn since my RMK liquid is running out & I don't quite like the IPSA Renew I have - any more reviews comparing the KP with other fdns? It's got SPF21 PA++ & costs $55.

          I have never tried the finishing powder but the micro sheer is my current HG. Great coverage & stays matte. They have a new pink shade out in the micro sheer powder. I am currently using the #20 & it's perfect for me.


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            Warni said the water defense is good, she gave me a small sample... but i have yet feel any difference about it :roll:


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              Ahhh .. thanks for the reviews girls ... looks like I better get a sample of the foundation to try out 1st.


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                KP has another delightful summer set that comes with the blotter, pressed powder( in light green shade) and one other item that I simply cannot remember-in a light blue purse that looks really sweet and all these at S$70.

                But no lemmings so far.....except for the translucent loose powder...anyone keen to share?


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                  The other product which you missed out should be the aqua mist to be sprayed for hydrating and cooling purpose IIRC


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                    Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder. I have the aqua mist in full size, no wonder I was not keen on getting this set.But of course, if there is no raves for that pressed powder.... :choice:


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                      went past KP at Bugis today and was told that the birthday discount of 20% is no longer available.

                      Is that true??


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                        Hi gem :wave:

                        Yes it is not available anymore. Depressing aint it

                        I was hoping that KP would come out with new eyeshadow trios.
                        I them!


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                          great! another reason not to buy KP stuff


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                            Hi Stella,

                            I have all four types i.e. the RMK liquid and creamy, IPSA renew and KP liquid fdns.

                            Texture wise, RMK creamy is thicker then KP liquid. But RMK liquid is the lightest weight of all the above. KP liquid provides a fuller, thicker coverage compared to RMK liquid. You have to blend quickly as it is thicker in consistency and dries fast.

                            For me, IPSA Renew is good for days when my skin is dry and/or flakey.

                            In order of my personal preference:
                            1) RMK Liquid
                            2) IPSA Renew
                            3) KP Liquid
                            4) RMK Creamy

                            I didn't experience any breakouts or what-so-ever with any of the above fdns.

                            HTHs !


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                              thanks vonnie...

                              GWP promtion going on.

                              speng $100 and get a black pouch filled with a mositure lotion, water defense and a compact loose powder container.

                              if you spend $50 you also get to be a member. chock up $500, you get an item for $50...