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TCM & Acuppunture for thinning hair

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  • TCM & Acuppunture for thinning hair

    Anyone tried TCM & Accupuncture b4? Is it effective in growing back hair that is lost? (went to doc recently and he wanted to prescribe me minoxidil. But I dont want sad.gif )

    I'm 22 this year and since 14, I have abit thinning hair at the back of my right parting. I went to alot docs and all commented that it's normal and nothing to worry about.

    But the real nightmare happens this year Feb, few days before my internship ends. One day, when looking in the mirror, I find that my fringe on the right is thinning!!! It has never been like that and seems like it just happen in 1 day (all of a sudden!!) I dont know if stress is the factor because from Sep 2011 to Feb 2012, I have my poly internship at a company and life during this 5 months is stressful and I even cried after work when I reached home. Everyday I think alot and sometime can OT till 8-10pm. One time even up to 12midnight. One month after that stressful period (my stress period end ard end of Dec 2011), I suddenly realised my fringe is thinning (ard Feb 2012). What is happening??!!!

    (I dont lost alot of hair everyday. Bath= less than 10, comb=ard 10).

    Will my hair still grow back? :'( I also have acne problem on and off . Since the 3rd week of my internship, my acne start to grow again and up till now, it has worsen. Was thinking to try TCM & Accupuncture for my thinning hair & acne as I think my body is too toxic.