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  • Strong hairgel

    i snipped off a whole bunch of hair by accident, and now i've got a little tuft of sticky-out hair!

    it's not lying flat. Is there any kind of very-strong gel I can use to make it lie flat?
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    OMG! I am so sorry this happened to you! Well, I would cover it up with more hair from the back if i were you.

    How about going to the salon and seek professional advice?


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      hmm sorry girl i cannot picture how it looks! but is it possible to:
      use hair clips? there are some tiny hair clips around, maybe you can use 1-3 of these to clip down that "tuft" as you call it. in the meantime hair grows quite quickly so don't despair! calm down and hope everything goes ok!


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        Pin or tuck back!!! Hope yr spirit is better now.


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          oh dear...

          i cant visualise it totally, but, perhaps you could sweep you hair to the side, it might help! hair wax might help too


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            thanks for all the replies girls! *grin* i tried changing my parting, as well as using Sebastian's Lamintaes Polish and everything's ok for now *phew*