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    I've been using different creams for date and night but in one brand only. L'oreal is my brand but now I am trying this new cream as my night cream its a Body Shop new unique face cream. Its called Shiso. It is good to use but my problem now that it is just good for night use even so it is written that its applicable for both day and night. But on the day my skin is so oily and this new cream of body shop is for moisturising so its making me more oily which is very sticky feeling. Now I want to seek for your advices which day cream from body shop is good for oily skin. I wanted to know your reviews on their products before trying it. Hope you can help me out?

    Thanks in advance now.

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    I am using clarins so I am not sure if you will like my advice. I've read seveal reviews in this Body Shop cream called "seaweed mattifying day cream" they said that it is good for oily skin and the smell is good though this is not applicable for sensitive skin so better not try it if your skin is also sensitive.


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      Different skin type has different reactions to different products. One product may work well with you but not with others. I suggest that when you purchase them, buy in a the smallest container so just in case your skin is not compatible, you dont waste much money. I have sensitive skin and when I used day cream from body shop, I had pimple like rashes.
      Now I am using Olay and other products that I've read good day care for skin.