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  • Blusher Help!

    hi girls...
    need some help here!

    im thinking of getting a new blusher but cant decide which to buy...
    i thinking of getting shu's, MAC's, stila's or jane

    which one will be more lasting and worth buying? dont wanna end up getting all...

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    Jane is definitely must-buy!! it's only ard USD3-4... i think definitely less than USD8 bucks. it's pigmented and long lasting!!! my fav are Glow and Petal!!

    Mac cheek stain is another good investment. can't remember the price. it's very long lasting!!! just need a tiny drop for application. for more colors, just apply 1-2 more layers!!!


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      Another yuppers for Jane Blushing Blush... i've got the blushing petal. it'z pretty pigmented. the color on the pan may look kinda dull, but it looks rosy when applied.

      Stila is another one that i'd recommend. i'm falling head over heels with the pretty colors, glowy and radiant indeed. it'z pretty pigmented too.

      In terms of price, Jane is more economical as compared.



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        third jane! I've got 6 of them and its never a crowd. Blushing Plum is my favourite for the healthy red flush. And they're apparently close knock offs for Nars blushes. Don't just get em', GRAB EM'!!


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          4th JANE !!!

          For cheap, wonderful colors & staying power. I have 4 of them... and I them so much...

          Go GRAB them girl...


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            (Hiya Richie!)

            Are we talking POWDER blushers here? Jane's really worth your time and money spent bringing them all the way from America. So cheap and good you ought to "GRAB' EM!" as suggested by Richie

            Have not tried Stila but I think it's better than MAC. I hear that MAC's Sheertones are silkier than their regular range. If Stila's eyeshadows are better than MAC's, I guess the blushers are more superior then.

            I suppose, ultimately, you choose the COLOUR, not the brand.


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              5th the Jane Blusher!! I have three of them - Blushing Plum, Blushing Copper and Blushing Glow and I love them very much!! I'm waiting for the Blushing Blossom!! You must definately try this! They're inexpensive and are pigmented. But can't get them in SG though


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                shimmery or matte blushes? powder, gel or cream?

                i've only got 1 jane blush which doesn't look that appealing in the pot so i've never used it.

                mac powder blushes don't attract me cause they're usually matte or the shimmers are too chunky for me. i don't mind the cheekstains or cheek hues though

                i love shu for the great variety of colour! BUT i figured if i get 1 i would want to get ALL so i stay away from them. (but the wine shade is very appealing..)

                stila's blushes are mostly matte too. i don't mind them if they came in palettes but i will not go buy them specially. had a bad experience with my first stila individual blush (somehow not pigmented enough ) so i steer clear. the CC's are nice though! but a tad expensive.

                i personally love kp and nars!


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                  Btw, I've tried MAC's and Stila's b4.

                  I've tried MAC in Pink Glow which was a great colour for me. B
                  ut unfortunately, when I had used about 60%, the blush started to have less pigment. ie, I can't seem to get the colour on my cheeks after the blush was left about 40%.

                  Stila's blush are rather good, but because I have oily skin, the colour doesn't stay long on my cheeks. It took me about 5 swipes on each cheeks to get the colour on.


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                    since the jane blushers aren't available in singapore , how do you get them? is there a website or something?


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                      lysander, you could get some mua-er to help you cp.


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                        lysander = well, I agree.. that's what MUA for..

                        ohh..ohh.. agree with duckiee, shu's blush are awesome... I love them too...


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                          Lol. If its any relevance at all to this thread, i <i>did</i> get my Blushing Blossom from Jing! Alot of SG MUA-ers have them on their lists, you just need to do a product search like i did!


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                            heheh! thanks for all the replies!
                            hmm...after much consideration...decided to get jane and shu!

                            agree that shu got lotsa nice and lovely colours...make me want to get them all!


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                              Great choice !!

                              Good luck finding the right blush... Do tell us what you bought afterward...