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Currensia Your Favourite Hair colour

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  • Currensia Your Favourite Hair colour

    Hi guys! Would love to hear reviews on this brand of Hair colourant! And do let me know the colour and effects! Would be better if you have a pic! TIA!

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    i used to be the promoter for this brand~ i used B8 which gave me a medium golden brown color... if u want something lighter can go for B9 or G10 (denise keller's color)... if you prefer something redder i would recommend RC8... these were the more popular colors when i was working there... keke


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      Hi! Thanks! Oic... I bought b9(Beige Blond)... yet to use it but i saw a new colour... b10... Nougat! Was wondering if its nice! TIA!


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        they have a whole new range of colors IIRC. i think its three new colours or more. anyway, those interested can check out my sales list at cosyswap, have two for sale and willing to let go cheaply as colour not suitable for my hair.

        any other nice colours from them to recommend? beside payaya and biscuit, that is. those dont suit my hair at all.


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          ash blond A7 is not bad... one of my customers, she had black hair.. she colored and turned out to be ash brown... not so yellowish kind of browN.. but her fren who had bleached hair used it and really came out ash green blonD.. hoho...


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            Watsons having 20% off for hairdyes & Currensia (UP: $16.90) is included!!!


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              <img src=''>

              My hair after using Currensia Hair Dye in RUBY. Note that this pic was taken after washing hair for the first time after dying, Hair is still damp, and sunlight is shining on my hair. It looks more copper brown without sunlight. My hair was brownish goldenish before dying this colour.


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                starlight , the color is very very nice!!!

                Last time I dyed this color, the color got washed off in 3 days time! My hair doesn't suit colors like this, and even red... don't why won't last long one... :roll:


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                  starlight, love the colour! That's exactly the colour I want for my hair..still on the long long search for a good DIY colour that'll do it for me, cos my hair is it's natural black colour, looking for a hair colour that'll show up.

                  Anyone ever tried a Red tone of Currensia on natural black hair before? Does it work?