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  • Thanakha

    hi... just came back from thailand, myanmar, laos... i discovered thanakha... its the yellow powder thingy that the girls there use on their faces.. pretty good stuff.... helps to tighten and clears the pores... and really u dun see blackheads after application... it also lightens agespots too... the people there use it as sunblock and also as an antiseptic preparation to prevent zits.... and air and water there is so so dirty yet the gals have such clear complexions...

    i bought 3 tubs of it ..... the stuff really works... its a thai herb from the thanakha bark... so when u make a trip to thailand, myanmar or laos....get it... really good stuff... i use it everyday now as a mask in the stuff

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    Sounds interesting!! Do you mix this with water and apply like a paste? And suitable for all skin types? Is this more like a purifying mask?


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      Does this thing have a smell to it?


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        found a pic on the net on this...

        THANAKHA- The Myanmar Natural Make-up

        When you walk around in any part of Myanmar, you will find some Myanmar with patches of a kind of make-up their both cheeks. That is Myanmar natural make-up, "thanakha", which is obtained from "thanakha" bark, a kind of scented wood found in the Dry Zone in Upper Myanmar.

        In Myanmar, the youngsters-both boys and girls-and ladies have a tradition of putting " thanakha" on their faces every day. Since their childhood, their grandmothers told them the importance of putting "thanakha" on their faces every morning if they wanted to be a beauty when they grew up.

        Myanmar people immensely admire the"thanakha" not only for its use in beautifying the face but also for its medical value. It has anti-fungal activity and anti-aging effect. It is a blessing to cure skin irritation in the tropics.

        Today, the dehydrated from of the "thanakha" paste in its natural beige colour is very popular among the Myanmar as it is very convenient to carry it from one place to another and takes less time to prepare the pase-just mix it with a few drops of water.



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          It sure looks like clay mask that we pay so much for in tubes over the skincare counters!


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            now the question is don't know where to get this powder from.

            At first, it really did remind me of some traditional home remedies such as chickpea mask, tumeric, sandalwood paste that i have tried.

            I'm gamed for anything new. Hahaha... anyone know where to get thanakha, do report back! For a start, maybe can try those Indonesian/Malay jamu shops, where we get our lulur body scrub.


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              How about peninsula plaza? It's a Myanmar hangout, so might have shops that carry their home products.


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                i think u can get it from those mama shops meant for myanmar or thai foreign workers... we have lots of thai nurses in singapore i'm sure they use this when they reach home after work... its really gd stuff i got mine from myanmar thai border... i have 3 bottles actually but dun think my mum will let me sell them...i've been using it very regularly for 2 weeks already... will inform u pple if it has other benefits... so far its good for lightening agespots/freckles...some even disappeared totally and drying out zits in a day... and controlling oil and tightening pores...

                it comes in 2 forms either packed into a tub like a paste... or in powder form... mine is the one in the tub.. which has lemon extract in it...just put a little water and apply... it apparently works also like a fruit chemical peel so not suppose to apply too thick ...apply thinly like the picture shown...thats what the people do there


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                  any pics of the packaging?


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                    the packaging is white with a green cover... its got thai words and a picture of a lime/lemon on the side...

                    when u open it..its sealed with aluminium foil and it says...trang gyi Mauk mai....and there is a paper with instructions...says approved by Singapore dunno what....

                    btw, me and my mum discovered that this stuff gives u rosy cheeks too... ha ha! after u wash off there is a radiant glow and a subtle rosy cheeks.... amazing...

                    if anyone knows where to get it in singapore let me know... when my supply is down i gonna rebuy!!!!


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                      I'm Burmese. So I know what you are talking about. But I didnt no *** product was *** good. Haha, when I was in Myanmar, i only know it helps in absorbing oil. it helps my skin a little in the starting but later it didnt really helps. Maybe my skin got use to it. may I know the brand you are using? Maybe I can ask my mom and help you get some when My mom went back. By the way, what's your skin type? sometime I felt my skin dry when I use thanakha over a period of time. Hehe. rosy cheek, Hmmm, i haven really exprience that before. By the way, use it to put it as a mask sound good. How long do you put and how many days intervals? Hehe, in myanmar girls normally wears the whole day almost everyday. Some time I felt that when I swelt it clogs my pores. So maybe using it as a mask is a good idea.


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                        Maybe golden mile a hangout for thai? since the package is written in thai,there maybe chance?

                        oh, i guess we have to use alternate days since it sounds quite drying. Or just apply on t-zone area will do?


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                          sounds like a great product! maybe a kind soul can help us do a CP?


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                            I'm interested too... I'm going Phuket soon but I don't know where to buy