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  • Spring 2005 Collection...

    peekaboo!! check out what's in store for us this Spring 2005 :wow:
    (uh oh, not so good news for the wallet)...

    clarins / stila

    helena rubinstein / YSL

    paul & joe / biothem

    shu uemura / IPSA

    clinique / NARS

    lancome / guerlain

    givenchy / estee lauder

    sofina aube / shiseido

    bobbi brown / anna sui

    (image links courtesy of StorejunkiesPic on MUA)

    no major lemmings for me <i><b>yet</b></i>...

    - crazygirl

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    thanks for sharing!
    I think Lancome's looks tempting.


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      Thanks crazygirl!

      I have to agree with Tea about Lancome's collection. It looks lovely and summery.

      Quite interested in the Stila stuff just simply because I always find their shades very practical to use on a daily basis.

      After seeing MAC's new collection on the other thread, I am really lemming a lot of their stuff!

      I really don't need that much makeup!


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        Very beautiful pics! I asked an MUAer about these pics and she told me it came with the Feb 2005 edition of Voce Magazine (If anyone wants to know )

        I killed alot of lemmings but it still stands at Shu and stila! I cannot resist Stila's pretty quads and the coral-ly blush makes it all the more tempting!

        MAC Collection kills for me too!


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          What a fine selection to hunt for my perfect pale pink gloss! Hopefully the holy grail is one of these.


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            i like stila and shu's collection, pretty!


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              Adding on:

              KP Spring 2005

              courtesy of haruchan on MUA


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                i like the KP new e/s trio with the motif of a flower. Looks wayyy better than their old KP motif.


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                  Lancome's JTs are very lovely!


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                    Awh.. the KP trio with the flower motif looks pretty.


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                      I like the KP trio & hope they're pigmented for the pastel set. Just visited KP store lately, the new products will be available in early Feb in HK. =)

                      Love the green Shu es as well & I can see them this weekend. It's not a good idea to surf around on the internet! Need to save money for Chinese New Year. I need some new clothes & lemming for a pair of tailor-made boots.


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                        ooh the KP Spring S001 (can hardly make out the no.) is a must have! looks so pretty


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                          Oh btw, these are some info that i gathered last weekend at Orchard. Thought i share with you gals.

                          Anna Sui
                          - Spring Collection - will be out on 28 Jan
                          - Spring Eye Shadow M at $36.

                          Bobbi Brown
                          - Spring Collection - will be out in Mar.
                          - Look out for BB promotion during mid-Mar at Isetan Scotts.

                          Shu Uemura
                          - Spring Collection - will be out by this weekend (actually 26 Jan iirc)

                          - Orient Palettes - should be 17 Feb at Tangs, 25 Feb at other outlets as stated in the Stila mailer.
                          - Stila Winter Collection - should be out on 3 Feb (this collection was delayed due to shipping probs)
                          - Stila Lip glaze liner - also will be out around 1st or 2nd week Feb

                          Paul & Joe
                          - Spring Collection - will be out around 25 Feb
                          -LE Lollipop Pressed Powder may be available (around 25 Feb). But still not confirmed whether it is coming.



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                            Bought the Shu Spring collection for week:
                            - blue, green & gold beige es
                            - mauve pink blush
                            - green nail polish: I'm wearing it now


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                              clinique spring 2005 collection

                              not exactly a big fan of clinique products (though i'm loyal to their airbrush concealor)....

                              check out clinique's spring 2005 collection, looks HAPPY and cheerful just like the name of their fragrance... the e/s quad looks pretty nice, i like the packaging

                              clinique spring 2005 collection

                              - crazygirl
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