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    Hey i keep hearing about this Spa Haven am thinking of checking them out, anyone can fill me in on the place?

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    Spa Haven facials-are they any good?

    anyone with prior experience at this Spa Haven place? am thinking of checking them out.


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      Where is this Spa Haven located? Thanks.


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        Google and it is located at ...

        45 & 46 Amoy Street Singapore 069871
        Tel: 6221 2203


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          Re: Spa Haven

          Originally posted by spa gir
          Hey i keep hearing about this Spa Haven am thinking of checking them out, anyone can fill me in on the place?
          Hi spa gir,

          Spa Haven is located at Amoy St, quite near China Sq/Far East Sq.
          I've done my mani/pedi with them, and prices are reasonable.
          Service is excellent, and the people there are very friendly.


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            Hi nette,

            Firstly, welcome to CozyCot!

            I see you're new here. do pop over to CozyLounge and stick a post of your introduction yah?

            Btw, no need to quote if your replying to the post directly above.


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              does spa haven offer perm hair removal? any1 knws the costs? thanks in advance!


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                they do, i happened to browse across the DBS ME promotion, hope it helps =)


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                  thanks, linggy! is this DBS ME promotion still on?


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                    There is always promotion at DBS Me, you might want to check out the website.

                    I've just tried the painless bikini wax today, it is less painful than i've imagined. They put the hot wax on and then ripped it! It is over before you even know it. The pain is more like ant bites, so it is bearable.

                    The IPL is quicker than I've expected too. They zapped each of my armpits 4 times. The lady explained to me that I would probably not be able to see much effect this time. I would need to do IPL at least 3 times before i actually feel the effect, but need about 10 sessions if I want it to be permanent. 10 sessions would cost me about $450. I didn't take up the offer, want to check out more places.

                    If anyone has a better place to recommend, please post the address, name and phone number. Thanks in advance.


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                      By the way, the lady told me that the IPL offer of $45 (DBS/ME) is over but when I checked the DBS website, it is still on for November 2005.

                      Please remember not to be pushed into buying any packages you are not ready for. Don't be conned into buying services just because they tell you that it would be more expensive when you return later.


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                        gintatsu: when you went for IPL the first time, what do you mean by "not much effect"? meaning the fuzz is still there?

                        anybody else tried spa haven's IPL? i'm keen on trying out the DBS promos...


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                          anyone tried facials at spa haven? how's the pricing like, any packages & reviews?