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SK-II Skincare and Make Up going at 20% discount!

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  • SK-II Skincare and Make Up going at 20% discount!

    Hi All

    I’ll be relocating overseas in a few months time, but I still have a lot of BRAND NEW, UNOPENED skincare and make up products from SK-II. I am selling them away at about 20% discount off their retail prices (shown in brackets below). All prices are in SGD.

    Pls PM me if you’re interested, thanks.

    1. SK-II Cellumination Essence 30ml - $160 (RP: $199)
    2. SK-II Cellumination Essence 50ml - $240 (RP: $299)
    3. SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge 50g - $160 (RP: $199)
    4. SK-II Signs Eye Cream 15g - $110 (RP: $139)
    5. SK-II Skin Signature Cream 80g - $175 (RP: $219)

    Foundation and Make Up
    1. SK-II Clear Beauty Moisture Lipstick (shade 431) - $70 (RP: 5,460 yen = ~$87)
    2. SK-II Clear Beauty Eye Shadow (shade 71) - $85 (RP: 6,825 yen = ~$109)
    3. SK-II Cellumination Pancake Refill only, without compact case (shade 330) - $75 (RP: $95)
    4. SK-II Facial Treatment Blusher UV - $120 (RP: 9,450 yen = ~$150)

    In case you’re wondering why the RP for Clear Beauty Make Up are in Japanese yen, it’s because SK-II only just launched their make up line in Japan last year which is not yet available in Singapore. All of their foundation and make up includes Pitera, the same key ingredient found in the Facial Treatment Essence (aka Miracle Water).

    For more information about SK-II, pls visit SK-II Singapore or SK-II Japan to see the make up products available in Japan. Otherwise, you can PM me and I can provide you with more info if you need, thanks!