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TERRIBLE experience with Millys for eyelash extensions!!!

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  • TERRIBLE experience with Millys for eyelash extensions!!!

    Hi babes,

    I know Millys have been highly raved by many bloggers, sponsored and non-sponsored as well as many ladies in beauty forums. But I do wish to share my terrible experience with you on the eyelash extension services provided by Millys.

    I have chose Millys because it is highly raved and I have had good experience with them for hair extension services. But their eyelash extension services was a total disappointment and because of them, I will NEVER EVER extend my eyelashes ever again!

    I will just stick to falsies from now on

    Both the extension and removal of eyelashes were extremely terrible and horrible.

    Please read my reviews here : Beauty Review - Milly's Part 1 (Eyelash Extensions) - Jean's Reviews and on the removal here : Beauty Reviews - Millys Part 2 (Removal of Eyelash Extensions) - Jean's Reviews

    I hope this might be useful to those planning to get their eyelash extensions done, especially with Millys.

    *No reply from them after I have sent them messages via Twitter (I can't get hold of their email address)

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    thanks for your feedback. Now i can delete Millys from my list as I thought of trying them out.


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      Originally posted by VeraLam View Post
      thanks for your feedback. Now i can delete Millys from my list as I thought of trying them out.
      No problem babe. I hope by sharing my experience, everyone would know what is going on out there in reality than reading sponsored advertorials by shops. Glad I could be of help


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        I would like to share my post to everyone here that is looking for a home base eyelash extension! I did my first single strand eyelash extension with luscious that is located at bukit batok! I told her I was afraid and I had some bad experience with cluster eyelash extension as my eyelash went bold. She was indeed friendly and told me it won't hurt or make me tears at all. I trusted her and went over to get my lashes done. I seriously felt no pain and I could sleep thru the process & not felt a thing! She was indeed patient as my eyelid kept twitching because I was nervous. So... When I opened my eyes. I honestly felt like nothing at all. The eyelash extension don't feel heavy at all! Unlike the cluster.. Feeling so heavy and it hurt like hell. She was indeed skillful & would recommend al of you to try it! It's only $65 for any kind of lashes & a free touch up before 1 week! Her number is 83743820 She's a very bubbly lady! & I was introduced by my friend so I could only get her Facebook but not her website @ . [u]


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          Ineedaloverto9, she goes to your place to do your eyelash for you at $65 nett?


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            Should have just bought Lashems Faux Eyelashes. Great and cheap way for eyelash extensions.


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              To be very frank, I went in for a consultation, the staff and the male boss wasn't friendly at all. Though the place is quite nicely done up, but their attitude wasn't good. The first impression they give to me wasn't good enough for me to feel that I would want to spend my money there.


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                I personally don't like this place, not hygiene also. I did once and was regretted, went back to remove after the fifth day I done as I really don't like their extension and they removed my extension so roughly and painful, results all my real own lashes all drop off. Was very angry with them!