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Lesson on How to De-Pot

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  • Lesson on How to De-Pot

    I am sure this question has been asked many times. I thought it'll be good to have a thread dedicated to it. There are many tutorials abound on the internet. I found a good one today & will post more if I find anymore later.

    This one is the closest to what I do except I dont' use tongs. Just tweezers to hold the pan. And sometimes I skip the candle & just use lighter instead. also has various helpful instructions

    freezing method:

    heating method:

    how to fix depotting accidents/broken shadows!

    which pans will fit into what palettes
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    I tried freezing my Jane eyeshadows, and it worked very well! I put the Jane eyeshadow into the freezer overnight, and the next day the pan popped out. I'm not sure if it'll work for MAC eyeshadows though.


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      I've been using the above method. But while depotting, got to be careful because you might accidentally chip the e/s.

      There's this other one fyi.

      Oh ya, I want to ask for the Back2Mac thing, must I pop the plastic pan back into the pop? Mine are all burnt with hole.


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        Instead of a candle or a fire source, you can actually try using a hairdryer, but it takes a verrrrry long time.


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          I've never tried the freezing method myself but Jane e/s are generally easier to depot since they use a softer glue to stick the pan in. I've depotted Jane e/s with the hair drying method with no problems. MAC is better when used with direct heat cos the glue is stronger.

          If you don't want to play with fire, here's a very interesthing method using floss! Let me know if anyone has success with this.

          From MUA'er Olivia142:

          Depotting Without Heat or an Exacto Knife Pics in profile.

          Step 1: Depot pic 1--Tools needed--2 Sewing pins, Dental floss, and item to be depotted.

          Step 2: Depot pic 2--Find a space (gap-white arrows) between the container and the pot.

          Step 3: Depot pic 3--With the sewing pin, push the dental floss into the gap.

          Step 4: Depot pic 4--With the second sewing pin, push the dental floss into the gap around the corner of the pot. This will allow the floss to catch the corner and go beneath the pan. Same is for round pans.

          Step 5: Depot pic 5, 6, & 7--Continue until you have the floss beneath both corners of the pan.

          Step 6: Depot pic 8, 9, & 10--Gather the floss in your hands and pull!

          Step 7: Depot pic 11 & 12--The floss will go beneath the pan and slide through the glue.

          Step 8: Depot pic 13--DEPOTTED!

          Her pics:


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            Originally posted by bree
            Oh ya, I want to ask for the Back2Mac thing, must I pop the plastic pan back into the pop? Mine are all burnt with hole.
            I don't think there'd be a problem as long as you bring in the main casing.


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              I can't wait to try this! I can't help but feel a little nervous when I use fire to depot because I'm so clumsy!


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                What will you be depotting Jean? G'luck!


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                  I like depotting my MAC e/s & have them arranged in 4 pan palettes, They look so pretty with the clear cover.

                  Empty palettes are not available in Singapore but you can get them at MAC stand alone stores in HK, Bangkok, KL, US & Canada.
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                    So far the Asian brands that I come across like Shu, RMK & INouvi all have their casing intelligently design. There is a small hole under the casing which one can use a bobby pin to poke the e/s pan out.

                    What I like about palettes is I just need to open 1 case lid to use several e/s colours. I particularly find it time wasting opening screw top e/s. Luckily nowadays more and more e/s casing are improving to adopt flip-open top design.


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                      I'm lousy in depotting. always end up with scratches on the eyeshadows. How do you depot Stila eyeshadows from cardboard palettes?


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                        Stila is one of the easiest brand to depot. really...

                        Just use the sharp edge of a penknife and pry the e/s out. Cheers!


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                          :wow: That sounds as easy as abc. I'll try your method soon.


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                            i've successfully depotted all my MAC pot e/s, now waiting for the arrival of my MAC palettes to house them.

                            Anyone has any idea how to remove the original label aka the name of the e/s from the back of the pot? Or do you guys just leave it without names?

                            For the Back2Mac thingie, do they accept the e/s pots without the lids?



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                              I used the dental floss method.

                              My result:

                              All was perfect except for MAC Sweet Lust. The gap between the pan and pot was very very narrow, hence not easy to insert pins and push dental floss into gap. Some of the eyeshadows cracked on the surface. That was easy to fix, just press them back into the pan after depotting.
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