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Bellassima [email protected] towers??

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  • Bellassima [email protected] towers??

    Hi has anyone tried bellasimma nails at orchard towers before? care to share your experience?

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    I tried them before. That was 2 years back, IIRC. Service was alright. I am going back again on the eve of CNY. Will report here.


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      Re: Bellassima [email protected] towers??

      Used to frequent that place a few years ago. Now I go to sururban ones near my place.

      Pretty ok. Lots of foriegners.

      Only thing is that Orchard towers is a bit sleazy, so I dont like walking around in that building.


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        Used to frequent that place pretty often but due to my laziness to travel all the way to orchard, i started switching to those nearer to my place.

        I gotta say that after so many years, I have never come across any other nail salon which is better than bellisima. All the girls working there are all well trained by the ladyboss, Anita, who is very strict with their standard. They are good in doing french mani & pedi as well as acrylic. On top of that, all the girls there are very nice and friendly. On the down side, you gotta pay for uv to dry your nails (which many places dont even charge u for unlimited usage) and parking there is darn expensive!


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          hey i used to work with anita at bellissima. i must admit *** their acrylic is the best!
          the boss is very strict during training. so u can expect the best. i'm thankful *** i learnt my skills there..